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Enterprise Marketplace

What is an enterprise marketplace?

An Enterprise marketplace is an advanced marketplace where sellers and manufacturers come together to sell large-volume orders to other businesses. Such online marketplaces need enterprise ecommerce solutions that offer advanced features and tools to build, run and manage the enterprise with better control and increased brand visibility.

The enterprise marketplace software provides a unified solution for the sellers and buyers to come together and operate the business through digital and mobile channels. 

StoreHippo is an inherently scalable, fully hosted and managed enterprise marketplace platform that offers comprehensive enterprise-grade features to manage the complexities of large businesses allowing them to reach and grow in new markets. 

How does enterprise marketplace software help businesses accelerate their growth?

Enterprise businesses are shifting towards modern SaaS-based turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions. The custom-built enterprise software has an arduously long process of building the software, making the plug-and-play enterprise ecommerce solution the best fit for businesses planning fast growth.

Let us look at ways how turnkey enterprise marketplace platform helps businesses accelerate their growth trajectory:

  • Helps the businesses focus on their growth rather than worrying about IT maintenance and development

  • Offers a cost-effective solution to businesses with in-built tools and features

  • Makes customizations quick to suit unique brand requirements

  • Helps brands go to the market in record time with battle-tested solutions

  • Enables brands to create omnichannel experience by selling through multiple customer touchpoints

  • Helps enterprise B2B brands modernize their business and introduce automation and overall efficiency

  • Offers data-driven insights to help brands create strategic business development plans

  • Enables brand to quickly pivot to new business models to adapt to market and buyer demands

StoreHippo enterprise marketplace platform helps businesses design B2B, B2C, B2B2C, custom or hybrid business models with ease. It is built on MACH architecture providing enterprise brands with flexibility, speed and agility to quickly adapt to the ever changing ecommerce dynamics. 

Why is an enterprise marketplace the best-fit business model for large businesses?

Large enterprise businesses have complex requirements that need enterprise marketplace solutions. For example, a global fashion marketplace does require advanced features like a multilingual and multi-currency website combined with a host of futuristic and complex features offered by an enterprise-grade ecommerce platform.

Let us look over the benefits of the enterprise marketplace business model:

  • Enables enterprise brands to implement a variety of marketplace use cases easily

  • Makes it easy for brands to manage their vast network dealers, distributors, vendors, suppliers etc.  from a centralised admin

  • Makes it easy for brands to have a phygital presence at low costs as brick and mortar  vendor stores can be upgraded to brand stores without investing in setup

  • Easy to grow beyond borders by collaborating and onboarding with vendors from different geo-locations

  • Makes it easy for enterprise brands to diversify to new product lines

  • Helps in building a brand value by having the best vendor-dealers network onboard

  • Add a variety of revenue streams ( commissions, subscriptions, paid memberships, ads etc.) for the enterprise marketplace to multiply earnings

  • Engage customers better by offering them a vast product catalogue and competetive pricing

Enterprise marketplace is the best-fit business model for large businesses, as it helps them seamlessly cope with the ever-changing business dynamics. StoreHippo offers the best flexible and scalable ecommerce solutions for all enterprises, irrespective of their scale and size. Enterprise ecommerce solutions from StoreHippo offer a customizable turnkey platform that is best suited for fast-growing businesses.

What makes StoreHippo the best enterprise marketplace solution provider?

With a host of features, StoreHippo ranks high in the list of enterprise ecommerce solution providers. Built on cutting-edge technology, StoreHippo is an easy-to-use solution with various plans for different stages of the brand. Businesses that are already existing in the ecommerce industry or are planning to make a transition from offline to online, can also use StoreHippo solutions.

StoreHippo is one of the best enterprise marketplace software solutions for brands looking to grow quickly into the ecommerce industry. It comes with an inbuilt mobile app builder that helps enterprise brands leverage mobile commerce and sell better. The enterprise marketplaces powered by StoreHippo are PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices. Brands can also build individual apps for delivery boys, vendors, and admins that help them manage the business on the go.

StoreHippo helps B2B enterprise brands cut costs by increasing efficiency with the in-built marketing tools and conversion-oriented features. StoreHippo is built on headless architecture making it easy for B2B brands to build out-of-box enterprise marketplace platform. With its host of advanced solutions like location-based multiple storefronts managed by a common admin, pre integrated 60+ domestic and international payment gateways and 30+ integrated logistics solutions, StoreHippo helps brands go global seamlessly. StoreHippo also offers a built-in delivery boy management software to help brands manage their own fleet of delivery boys.  

Power your enterprise marketplace with StoreHippo ecommerce solutions. Start your 14-day free trial now and explore the enterprise-grade features.