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Online Marketplace Solution

Why do you need an Online Marketplace Solution for your business?

Relying on an online marketplace solution is the most common route businesses take when it comes to building and launching ecommerce marketplaces quickly. While many businesses still plan to create a custom ecommerce marketplace solution, it might not be a practical choice for businesses looking for a cost-effective, feature-rich and technologically advanced solution.

Since turnkey solutions have a lot of competition they keep upgrading features and offer the best solution to build, run and grow your business. Whatever the size or the segment of your business, an ecommerce marketplace builder offers the following benefits: 

  • Economical and saves funds for business expansion
  • Doesn’t require technical expertise
  • Designed to be easy to use for different levels of users
  • Feature-rich admin that makes running the business easy
  • Online marketplace solutions allow rapid launch amid time-constraints
  • Helps to scale up rapidly with already tested modules
  • Seamless integrations make business functions smooth and efficient
  • Offers quality service and support needed for running the online marketplace store 

StoreHippo's readymade e commerce marketplace platform offers all the above benefits for B2B and B2C businesses looking for the best marketplace platform to launch their horizontal, vertical, service-aggregator or custom multi-vendor portal. 

Why you should choose a fully hosted Online Marketplace Solution

While turnkey marketplace builders take away most of the pain of marketplace development, enterprise brands still might have to worry about servers and other IT stuff. Alternatively, opting for a fully hosted and managed ecommerce marketplace solution can  be a smarter business decision for brands looking to create a niche. 

Let us look at the reasons why enterprise brands should go for a fully hosted and managed:

  • Saves the cost of buying the vital hardware and software infrastructure
  • Frees you from maintenance and upgrade worries
  • Guaranteed security as your multi vendor website builder takes care of security and PCI compliance
  • Flexible solution designed for a variety of business requirements
  • Easy to scale as per traffic spikes without the need to buy additional server space
  • Sophisticated architecture and technology designed for best site performance

StoreHippo fully hosted and managed online marketplace solution offers all the above advantages to businesses looking for a future-ready and hassle-free multi vendor website builder for growing their business. The SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace builder offers elastic scalability that can tolerate peak load. 

How a customizable turnkey Online Marketplace solution Benefits your business

While a hosted marketplace builder frees enterprise brands from a lot of hassles, the next requirement to get the best ecommerce marketplace solution is to choose a customizable platform. Seldom do enterprise brands stick to the smae business model or flows that they start with. As the business grows and adapts to new market and customer requirements, changes and extensive customizations become a necessity. 

By opting for a customizable ecommerce marketplace builder enterprise brands get the following benefits:

  • Dual benefits of the tailormade solution and turnkey agility
  • Adapts to unique business requirements and processes
  • Advanced technology that gives a competitive edge
  • Allows innovation and experimentation for business growth
  • Helps manage fast-growing businesses with high-volume sales
  • Enables customized checkouts and invoicing for better sales 
  • Save migration pains by offering a stay-on online marketplace platform

StoreHippo online marketplace solution gives you all these benefits and offers you a flexible solution that moulds according to your unique business needs. You can tweak the platform inside out, create new entities or tweak the existing ones to attain desired flows. Building cuuting-edge ecommerce marketplaces is easy when you have a customizable platform like StoreHippo. Built on headless architecture, StoreHippo has decoupled frontend and backend. This means making independent changes to the backend or frontend is possible and easy. 

With StoreHippo’s online marketplace solution enterprise brands get the agility and creative freedom to build custom marketplaces that have the potential to disrupt the market. 

What are the features to look for in the best Online Marketplace Solution

Apart from choosing a customizable, hosted and managed turnkey online marketplace platform, there are other aspects of the multi vendor solution that go in building cutting-edge ecommerce marketplaces. Enterprise brands need to ensure that the marketplace platform they choose offers a future-proof solution for building, running and growing their multi-vendor online store.

Here are the features to look for in the best marketplace software:

  • End-to-end online marketplace solution for businesses of every scale and size
  • Comprehensive vendor management solutions that makes it easy to manage vendors even if they scale to millions in number
  • Easy to use platform for all parties concerned ( admins, vendors, users)
  • Separate vendor dashboards to give each vendor the freedom to manage their own business
  • Support for variety of business models like B2B, B2C, B2B2C etc.
  • Built in support to handle complex taxation on the marketplace
  • Different subscription plans to support various phases of a growing business
  • Multi level security to ensure security of critical business information and customer data
  • After sales support to help with technical aspects of running the online marketplace platform

StoreHippo online marketplace solution comes with all of the above features to enable enterprise brands build the advanced multi seller portals. With experience and expertise in building a variety of marketplaces across industry verticals, StoreHippo offers the best marketplace platform for enterprise brands.

Advantages of Choosing StoreHippo Online Marketplace Solution

StoreHippo SaaS-based multi-vendor ecommerce platform is designed to offer a well-rounded ecommerce marketplace builder for B2B, B2C and high-volume enterprise businesses. Our aim is to give a quick and effective start to your business and take away the pain of development.

Here is why you should choose us for building your multi-vendor online store:

  • Turnkey solution that takes care of every aspect of a multi-vendor set up
  • Customizable backend and frontend to build out of the box online marketplace solutions
  • Mobile ready solution, build mobile apps right from your dashboard
  • Beautiful themes and inbuilt editing tools to design the most engaging marketplace
  • Seamless integrations that make work efficient and lighter
  • Inbuilt multi-store set up for creating multiple storefronts with centralized admin
  • Inbuilt CMS(content management system) and blog engine for optimized SEO content
  • 60+ integrated payment gateways and wallet support
  • Automated and discounted logistics with COD support 
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support for international business expansion

Along with these StoreHippo’s SEO-friendly online marketplace solution offers a gamut of inbuilt marketing tools to promote your brand. With these tools and the right business strategies in place you can build, run and grow your multi-vendor ecommerce store to new heights of success. 

Ready to launch your multi-vendor ecommerce website?Check the various  Multi-Vendor Use Cases powered by StoreHippo the best multi vendor website builder and explore our platform by starting your 14-day free trial now.