5 Advantages of Creating an Ecommerce website with StoreHippo

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  • 5 Advantages of Creating an Ecommerce website with StoreHippo

Are you thinking about creating an ecommerce website? Yes! Then, it is the right hour to turn your dream into reality. As the online shopping market is only going to flourish, predicted to touch $4 trillion revenue by 2020, worldwide. And the biggest contributor to ecommerce success is complete ecommerce software. These softwares have helped many entrepreneurs realize their dreams of selling online, with small to big budgets. 

Whether big or small business, b2b or b2c business, the process of selling online is common. All you need is to partner with an ecommerce solution that gives maximum features that are easy to use. 

In this blog, you will explore the unique benefits of creating an ecommerce website with our ecommerce platform - StoreHippo. But first, let’s check-out its most popular and exceptional features, emphasized below. 

Most-Loved Features of StoreHippo

  • Mobile Friendly themes that load faster on smartphone, desktop, laptops, and tablets. Themes are designed by keeping users in mind. 

  • 100+ custom themes that are completely editable

  • Content management system to update/edit existing product pages.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) support which can get you on Google's first page of results, if optimized correctly.

  • Integrate with social media and in-built shipping solutions

These are some essential features that make our complete ecommerce software phenomenal. We will be covering some of them in the upcoming section. Although, our main focus will be on the special benefits of creating an ecommerce website with StoreHippo.

Option to Build Mobile Ecommerce Apps

50% of the search queries for a product/service are made on smartphones. And the growth of mobile searches in 2021 will reach 70%. This purely signals that making mobile friendly websites and ecommerce apps can accelerate your online mobile sales. 

StoreHippo, to keep store owners ahead of technology, gives the option to develop mobile apps straight from the dashboard. Our stores even work on a poor internet connection. How? Because we use PWA (Progressive Web apps) architecture that enables fast loading on any device and connection. The coolest thing is, you don’t have to pay extra, to build your own shopping app.

Benefits of Mobile Applications

For customers : Rewards (like coupons, discounts, membership, scratch card), hassle free shopping, shipments tracking, one click payments, automatic login, product comparison 

For sellers : Greater sales, earn loyal customers, repeat purchases, reducing costs, overall business productivity

  • Freedom to Edit Chosen Themes & Templates:

Custom themes option in complete ecommerce software, helps placing your unique identity in front of online customers. Chances are, they will remember your website, if it has uncommon designs compared with other shopping websites. 

When you start creating an ecommerce website on Storehippo, you get complete freedom to choose and edit your theme. With drag and drop feature, add new elements to create your product page layouts. You can change your website’s logo, side menu, sliders, footer, main menu, content, etc. 

Want to blend the features of two themes? This is also possible right from the dashboard. By reshuffling and combining the features of an old theme in the new one, create a high converting online store. Plus, all the themes are mobile responsive that adjust in accordance with the screen size.

Benefits of Custom, Unique Themes and Layouts

For customers : Faster Load Times, uninterrupted shopping experience, 

For sellers : No coding skills, Easier to updates, unique designs, time and cost saving, Easy Maintenance

  • Personalized Shopping Experience:

The best way to personalize, is to use customer data provided at the time of sign up. You can upsell and cross sell products based on customer purchase behaviour. 

Another way is retargeting, which refers to showing those products to buyers which are added to cart, but not checked out. Push notification is the best way to retarget and personalize potential buyers. 

StoreHippo complete ecommerce software allows you to send custom notifications where you can personalize your message, with respect to customer tastes and preferences. You can send different types of notifications (like email, push, SMS) from admin panel> settings > notification.

Benefits of Personalized Push Notifications

For customers : Quick purchase, relevant suggestions, direct alerts about new products/discounts/sale, 

For Sellers : Faster checkouts, more orders, reduce cart abandonment, returning customers.

  • Integrate With Popular Social Media Channels and Payment Gateways:

You might not be aware of this, but people love sharing their online purchases on social media with friends and followers. And what is better than a free publicity from a happy customer. Guess what, you gain a regular customer, free referral, and more website visitors. 

StorHippo gives the option to integrate social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, etc to your ecommerce app and website. Plus, 50 payment gateways that come by default in our complete ecommerce software. That too at no additional cost. 

In addition, you get COD and offline payment support, multi currency support and other functionalities. 

A recent study revealed that implementation of digital wallets on ecommerce sites have uplifted mobile sales by 10%. If you want to boost your online sales, then do include customer’s favorite payment channels, while creating an ecommerce website. 

Benefits of Social Media and Payment Gateways-

For customers : Unlimited Choices, easy login with social IDs, faster payments, one click sharing, cashbacks (on doing online payments)

For Sellers : Less cart abandonment, free promotion by social sharing, high conversion rate, customer engagement and loyalty, brand awareness.

  • Suits Every Business Models:

Whether you are into B2B selling or B2C selling, Storehippo supports each of your business models. Even if you are planning to open a multi store or a marketplace, our complete ecommerce software covers all your plans. You can fully control your orders, commissions, products, shipping, payment in your multi vendor marketplace. Moreover, if you are dealing in one niche, like furniture or multiple niches, like electronics, apparels, beauty; you can handle them from a common admin dashboard.

 Benefits of B2B & B2C shopping store -

For customers : Greater choices, shopping rewards, better price comparison, worthwhile discounts.

For Sellers : Reach wider audience, purchase orders, rich customer data, revenue generation.


Entirely, StoreHippo’s website builder gives complete flexibility to change the whole website structure, while creating an ecommerce website. Neither it demands coding skills. Why? As the user interface is easy to operate, with every feature available at a click. 

Making modifications in the site's layout, design, content, can be done in minutes. Hence, you can prevent yourself from getting trapped in complex coding and can save precious time for marketing.

Building an online store on a complete ecommerce software also cuts down your development cost and time. Thus, making you spend less and get more.

Creating an ecommerce website with 100% ease and no technical skills is possible with StoreHippo. Try our 14 days free trial to kickstart your online business.

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