Why StoreHippo is the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

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  • Why StoreHippo is the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Are you looking for superior control of your enterprise business? Are you looking for ways to increase your sales volume or handle a wide range of customers? Then, you need an enterprise ecommerce solution to handle your business needs.

However, it is surely a tough decision to choose the best solution that matches the expectations of your wholesale business. After all, you are running a large-scale business and can’t afford to have a site downtime, customer data breaches, order delays, inventory mismanagement, or disjointed customer experience.

Well, you don't need to think only about the must-haves for your business but you also need to keep in mind how it is going to work for your customers.


Why does your business need a wholesale ecommerce platform?

Looking at the importance of enterprise solutions for your business growth, you cannot afford to make this decision on the “guess and check” method. You simply need the solution that works just the best for your business. Right?

If you are looking for a flexible, scalable and stable platform for your business, you have to just the right place. StoreHippo understands all your business needs and scales to your business size and growth roadmap.

Let’s understand what makes StoreHippo the best enterprise ecommerce solution

1. High performance and scalable solution

Scalability is the foremost requirement for a large-scale business as they are built to grow rapidly. Your platform should be scalable and flexible enough to adapt to your business needs and upscale to higher levels of workload. StoreHippo is built on modern technology with a comprehensive set of B2B features. Our wholesale ecommerce platform is inherently scalable and easily adaptable to both, increase and decrease of workload. 

2. Enterprise-grade security

Ecommerce sites experience nearly 32.4% security attacks in different forms. The online security attacks, data breaches, ransomware, phishing, and other vulnerabilities lead to major business losses. But you can prevent your online business with an enterprise-grade secured hosting environment. StoreHippo offers a secure enterprise ecommerce solution with free SSL encryption for your site security and manages your crucial data securely on the cloud. The additional features like two-way authentication, granular user roles, audit log, PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways make your business secure like never before.

3. White labelling

As a wholesale business, white labelling must not be a new thing for you. In fact, it has become the necessity to customize the branding of the service providers. It allows you to change the color scheme, company logo and acts as a great brand-building initiative. And you can do it all without reinventing the wheel with StoreHippo. We offer a comprehensive wholesale ecommerce platform to manage your white-label marketing and streamline your sales process in the easiest ways.  Start building better brand awareness and value without any hassles.

4. Extensive platform customizations

The foundation of an ecommerce platform starts with the understanding of business requirements. Once the requirements are made clear, customizations come into the picture. And it is not only the look and feel of your website that needs to be customized but the platform also needs to take care of unique business flows and functionalities. For this purpose, StoreHippo empowers you to work with high-end customizations, from theme design to tweaking the back-end entities. The modern architecture of the enterprise ecommerce solution allows rapid and easy customizations to adapt to the dynamic business requirements.

5. Seamless integrations

As we know that online business works on the complete business ecosystem. And you need third-party integration options to manage varied resources and services required for your business. So, it makes sense to integrate with advanced functionalities like payment gateways, logistics, distribution channels, custom ERP, marketing and mailing software, etc. to manage the ecommerce business process more easily.  StoreHippo offers seamless integrations with all of this and even more to streamline the ecommerce business functions.

6. B2B features

Running a high-volume business is much more complex than a conventional B2C online store. Because B2B consumers demand many additional functionalities, extensive personalization, and much more. The incorporation of B2B features in an ecommerce platform should not be an afterthought. In fact, they need to be inculcated from the beginning of the ecommerce platform implementation. Just like StoreHippo does it. It offers a powerful wholesale ecommerce platform with B2B features like customized invoices, order enquiries, request a quote, wholesale and retail pricing management, enhanced tax engine, and much more.

 7. Personalized user experiences

All a customer in the present era wants is engagement and personalization. Nearly, 59% of the online shoppers believe that it is easier to find something online on a personalized store. In addition to enhanced user experience, personalization makes the interactions easier and boosts your sales. B2B and wholesale buyers are no different, they also expect high-end customizations.

StoreHippo offers best-in-class wholesale ecommerce platform with enterprise-grade features and tools like login-based pricing, personalized landing pages, automated marketing customizations, unified notifications (SMS, push, email), login-based pricing to personalize the user experience.

Take a leap in your enterprise business with StoreHippo

It is of no doubt that your choice of enterprise ecommerce solution can make or break your business. With the passing time, B2B buyers are evolving and so is the StoreHippo platform. We offer advanced features for large-scale businesses with a mobile commerce edge. All our online stores are built with PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) to make your site look and work like native apps on multiple devices. It helps your business to get orders on the go and reach new heights of success. 

Our wholesale ecommerce platform offers 300+ inbuilt features and tools to help enterprise business in improving efficiency, market reach while reducing their cost. The advanced conversion-focused features and inbuilt marketing tools help in boosting online sales and help you achieve long-term business growth. Check the state-of-the-art B2B ecommerce features by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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