html5 tips to help you start an e-commerce business without wasting time

5 tips to help you start an e-commerce business without wasting time

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Have you ever thought of earning few extra bucks along your regular 9 to 5 job? Do you dream of turning your passion into profession? Have you ever tried taking the idea forward and have worked on a plan to launch an ecommerce website selling a niche product or service?
If YES, how is your business doing? Did you drop the idea after struggling with multiple iterations of development cycle? Did your project never see the light of the day because development sapped all your budget and time and you couldn’t focus on business development and marketing?
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Sounds familiar? You also prepared a business plan but left it midway after facing hiccups in sourcing products? Well, talk to anyone who tried starting an online business and the same story echoes. So many businesses are dropped midway because the entrepreneurs do not find an easy and fast solution to market their product or services. But you need not be one amongst them as you can ACTUALLY start an e-commerce business without wasting time.

How to start online business successfully!

Starting an online business is hard work and needs lots of juggling. However, this becomes much easier and faster if every aspect of the business is well planned and you know how to move ahead on a well charted course of action.
Wondering what should be the action plan for launching your business. Let’s try to answer the five basic questions that will help you in launch your e-commerce business in no time:
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Which Product or Service to choose?
To begin with you need to answer this most basic question. This one is a tough nut to crack as it is highly likely that you come up with ideas that are already a success. There is no harm in pursuing an already successful business idea but you need to thoroughly evaluate the product opportunities and its future market. However, you can come up with a novel idea and plan to create a niche market for it.
After finalizing the product and evaluating its market prospects you should focus on sourcing the product. Alternatively, you can choose to manufacture the product or decide between a combination of both these options.
How to prepare for the business?
The best way to learn the tips and tricks of any business is by researching your competition. This will give you clear insights of where you are headed and who is pitted against you. Also you can learn from their mistakes and get ideas to fill the gaps wherever you find any. Based on your research prepare a detailed business plan that covers every aspect of your business. Once your plan is in place go ahead and complete the formalities of registering your business.
How to give a name to your dream e commerce business?
Deciding a name that is catchy and also in line with the product you have planned to sell is another major decision. Once you have finalized the name of your business you should choose an SEO friendly and memorable domain name for launching your webstore. Once domain is obtained get a simple and meaningful logo designed that will become the identity of your brand.
As soon as these basics are done begin the SEO for your website so that your site is optimized for Google and you start getting organic traffic to your store.
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How to build a technologically advanced store?
Building a store is not enough in today’s competitive and fast changing e-commerce environment. To give a competitive edge to your business your store should be built on blazing fast technology stack. Also, the online store should have the capability to perform well on multiple mobile devices. Getting the advantage of technology is easy by opening your store with our SaaS based mobile ready E-commerce platform StoreHippo. You can begin a 14-day FREE trial today and take your business online in 3 easy steps.

Once your ecommerce website is ready begin uploading products and images and optimize the content and description to get best SEO results.
If you face any difficulty at any step of your store set up our support team is always ready to guide you through it.
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How to launch your online store and get your first order?
Before launching your product engage actively on social media and other platform to create curiosity about your brand and products. In parallel, prepare your shipping and logistics plan and streamline operations by placing few mock orders to close friends or relatives. This exercise can lay bare operational issues and loopholes and would allow you to plug them in time.
Finally, the day arrives when you get your first real order! Hurray… the journey begins!
With StoreHippo’s pre integrated logistics services its super easy to pack and parcel your orders to your clients.
Road to a successful e-commerce business
Launching your online business is a juggling act which involves lots of planning and balancing. However, by choosing the best e-commerce platform StoreHippo you can leave the technology to us and focus on business development and marketing.
If you need additional inputs on launching your e-commerce business, you can leave your queries below in the comments section.

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Hello, I m. Planing to start a spectacle, sunglasses, contact lenses. Online store. But I don't know. How and whome to deal for logistic , or packaging.. Please let me know about some good.. Thanks

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Quite useful article, thanks for providing the useful insights. Since I was juggling with thought of going online, storehippo's platform came as a savior.

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