Tips and tools that will help you finalize your e-commerce brand name

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  • Tips and tools that will help you finalize your e-commerce brand name

Beginning your entrepreneurial journey and decided the product you are going to sell. The business plan is also in place and everything looks well aligned and happening at a good pace. That’s until you sit down for the first brainstorming session of brand name ideas for your upcoming business.
The whole process of name selection is not easy. Oftentimes one comes up with names that are already being used by someone. Very soon the name selection process becomes exhausting and frustrating and even after spending enough time on the name selection process you are not able to zero down on one single name for your project.
There comes a point when you start feeling that you have lost the mental capability to decide a good and engaging brand name and you turn to online forums and support groups for help. Alas! This exercise leaves you even more frustrated and you are still undecided on the e-commerce brand name for your venture.
Having heard this story over and over again we decided to do a research and come up with some tips and tools that can help you decide a catchy, profitable, SEO friendly name for your upcoming business. Let us have a look together at these:
Be clear on what makes a good name

To build a memorable brand you should choose a catchy name that is well aligned with the product or service you are offering. The catchiness and brevity is the essence of a good brand name. Tap in the effect and power of sounds and symbols. Some sounds are known to produce positive effect and have better chances of success. If you are unable to find a name directly related to the product go for a name that is associated with the emotion your product evokes. If you are unable to finalize a name even after this use the dictionary to your advantage and go for synonyms of the word to generate brand name ideas.

Prepare a list of Names
It is always easy to finalize a name if you have a list of names to choose from. Choose a name that makes your audience feel empowered, privileged or makes them think in a new way. Think out of the box and use words of another language along with English to create a unique name. The permutations and combinations will certainly give you a list of good names that connect with your brand and make it easy for you to register a domain name.

Brand name generator Tools
There are many free tools that will help you brainstorm and break the deadlock over the e-commerce brand name. Go for one of the following and create a catchy and easily available name for your business.
1) BizNameWiz

You just have to input a word or may be a phrase related to your business and this tool will come up with thousands of names for your business. The added advantage is that it will also show a list of available domain names for every suggested name.  

2) Dot-o-mator

On this you will be asked to input the beginning and ending words from their list. You can also input your own words in the boxes and then by combining these two lists this company name generator tool generates the list of available domain names. Save the names you like to the scratchbox and keep refining your search for best results.
3) NameStation

This tool displays a list of already registered as well as available domain names based on your keywords. It also provides you with keyword suggestions and name variations based on your search criteria.
4) Wordlab Business Name Generator

This company name generator churns out its database of millions of business potential names based on your search and gives you domain name suggestions. You can also get help on their forum and seek help by posting queries on  Wordlab community.
5) Bustaname

This company name generator tool quickly gives available domain names based on keyword, keyword synonyms and various prefixes. All you have to do is enter the keywords and try some suffixes to get new and innovative suggestions for your domain name.
So, what are you waiting for? Just jot down your key search phrases and ideas and use any one or a combination of these tools to come up with a catchy and memorable name for your business.
If you know of any more tools that can help with the naming process of your e-commerce business, feel free to share them in comments below.

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I like that you suggested having a list of names that you will choose from to find something that would target your audience and make them feel empowered, privileged, and new. I can imagine how helpful this strategy would be to come up with something that will be catchy. Also, having a new product naming research agency to help you out when you already feel something about a certain term would give you an idea if it is still available for you to use.

By: Mia Evans
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Hi Mia, thanks for appreciating our blog on Tips and tools that will help you finalize your e-commerce brand name. If you need our help setting up an online store, feel free to contact us. For more ecommerce related information, keep checking the StoreHippo blog! Team StoreHippo - Sep 07, 2022

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Good info!

By: Daftar Syarikat Malaysia
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The bad part about these generators are that they won't suggest names that might be helpful when it comes to create a brand locally.

By: Praful Mistry
May 12, 2016   Reply

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