A Handy Guide to Seamless E-commerce Logistics Services for Your Business

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  • A Handy Guide to Seamless E-commerce Logistics Services for Your Business

Efficient and seamless e-commerce courier service management in an e-commerce business is like a well-oiled machine. All’s well as long as the machine runs smoothly. And just like a machine, it is extremely important to constantly update your shipping processes and policies in accordance to the changing times. With the competition getting intense, customer expectations are high. That is why it is necessary to keep delighting your customers with smooth order delivery process. If you are looking for ways to achieve that, here are a few tips.

Tips to help you with Efficient Logistics Services and a Memorable Shipping Experience for your customers are:

Free Shipping

Offering free shipping to your customers is a great psychological move. According to a recent study, 76% of online shoppers expect a free shipping option check-out for every purchase they make. However, if you are unable to offer free shipping for every purchase, you can always use strategic promotional offers in order to attract customers. Limiting free shipping above a threshold value and offering free shipping as festive discounts will not only attract more customers but also encourage them to spend more. This way your shipping also becomes a marketing and promotional tool. Which in other words mean you can even accommodate your e-commerce courier services costs within your marketing budget.

Providing shipping details upfront

If you are charging extra rates for shipping, make sure that you provide those details before the checkout process. Most online shoppers appreciate transparent pricing systems and prefer to see the estimated delivery dates and shipping costs early in the checkout process. This not only enhances brand trust but also erases several concerns about product delivery. If there are any additional costs like customs duty or other logistics taxes, make sure that you factor in those variables as well.

Multiple payment options

Provide multiple options for payment during the checkout process that includes Cash-on-Delivery payment. This is particularly necessary for Indian shoppers because payment on delivery is still the most preferred option for Indian customers. Therefore, for better conversions, the COD payment option is an absolute must.

Better packaging

Minimise costs by deciding on volumetric weight or the actual weight, as per the best available option. Choose packaging that reduces dead weight. Also, make sure that the package is insured with reliable e-commerce courier services during the transit. In order to ensure that the package will survive transit handling, conduct the four-foot drop test. If necessary, use silica gel for controlling humidity and polybags for minimizing sun damage. In order to absorb shock and reduce impact, use bubble wrap and foam.

Labelling the packages

Have clear labelling to stand out from the competition and also to minimize errors. You can also customize the delivery boxes for a branded, consistent look. Your packaging can also be thus a great opportunity for you to do some branding. Attractive and unique packages can create a lasting impression on the customer.

Promptness in shipping

Depending on the urgency, make sure that you have logistics partners who help you in quick dispatch. If you are providing multiple options for delivery like express orders one-day delivery, make sure that you give priority to those orders. This is especially necessary during peak seasons. Also, keep tracking your shipment progress on a proactive basis – especially the lost and delayed shipments. Constant follow-up and swift recovery speak a great deal about your brand.

Choosing technology-based logistics partners

Automated processes used by technology-based shipping companies help reduce the time taken to process each order. Also reducing manual intervention reduces errors and increases efficiency in shipping. Irrespective of where you are selling a reliable shipping company can automatically sync your orders with the shipping portal and generate shipping labels. With a shipping aggregator, you can even compare prices and delivery time of multiple courier services and choose the most convenient option. If possible, look out for an aggregator wherein you can divide a multi-product order among multiple e-commerce courier service providers to increase efficiency.

Share tracking details

Share real-time tracking details of their orders with the customers, so that they know where the shipment is at any given time. Moreover, send a mail, an SMS or an app notification when the product is shipped and reaches the destination. You can offer other delivery option with your customer like flexible delivery times or leaving the package with a neighbour.

Create a memorable shipping experience

Adding a thank you card, a small gift card or even a discount voucher will definitely make it a great delivery experience for your customer. Here again, customizing the package can help, as the unboxing itself can become a part of the experience.

Transparent return policy

Just as with the delivery charges, be upfront about the products that can be returned and that cannot be. Also, clearly define the terms and conditions of your return policy and make sure that your customers know it. If you have certain return documentation, then be specific about it and share the details with the customer. Above all, make the return process easy and friendly.


We hope that this guide helps you in making an informed decision while strategizing your plan for seamless logistics for your e-commerce business. StoreHippo provides end-to-end services for along with integrated shipping via ShipKaro, a shipping portal designed exclusively for online stores. If you wish to know further about e-commerce shipping or about our services, please contact us or leave your query in the comments section below!

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