How to launch an E-commerce website?

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  • How to launch an E-commerce website?

Launching yourself on the e-platform is a huge task and requires a detailed and planned execution. If done correctly, you will receive the warmest welcome from your customers, else it can backfire.
So how does one create that perfect e-Commerce platform to sell your products online? Here’s a look further:

Select a social network, best suited for your brand
One of the first steps is to create the perfect launch pad for that perfect launch! The easiest way of doing this, especially for the uninitiated, is by tapping into a popular social media. Be it Facebook or Twitter, you need to let your consumers know that you are arriving. Interactive cover photos, bright high definition images and interesting trivia will have people hooked on to your page. 
Build anticipation around your product
You could even take a teaser campaign approach and instead of giving away all details in one go. Build anticipation around the product and reveal details in parts to your audience. Create online campaigns and give special schemes to attract customers to your website. You cannot assume that people will somehow stumble into your e-commerce website. You need to ensure traffic on the page and ergo, the launch pad.
Jump the M-commerce bandwagon
In this age of Smartphones and mobile devices, it is imperative that your website is mobile ready. Today, the mobile internet traffic is more than computer traffic. Your website should be designed in such way that it is mobile responsive since many consumers people want to shop from their mobile devices. Create intuitive mobile apps for your online stores and see your sales soaring!
Customer Feedback and review
The moment your site goes live, you have to work your way around feedback and reviews from your customers. Negative reviews should be taken into consideration but only by using a strong sense of judgment. One needs to differentiate between feedback which is constructive and feedback which is only for the sake of criticism. 
Cut the clutter and have faith
Be clear and consistent in your approach, else it can confuse your consumer. Do not try to do too many things at the same time. Let your ideas and beliefs show in your work and it will most definitely get reflected to your consumers. On a final note, have faith in your product, believe in it, and you will be good to go on your e-commerce website.

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Great! Thanks for sharing your valuable views.

By: pramod
Oct 17, 2015   Reply

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Hello I want ecommerce website for my Ladies wear cloths so please quote me best rates. secondly you have tied up with logistic support across india along with payment gateway terms.

By: Amit
Sep 25, 2015   Reply

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I wanna start an online store for my apparel business .. kindly contact me with details

By: Prakash jain
Sep 22, 2015   Reply

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I wanted to know , if u guys help in creating online ad campaign . Also how do we coordinate with the logistics team. I would like to know in detail about the same .

By: Hiral Pandya
Sep 05, 2015   Reply

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Dear Store Hippo Admin, I want to open a fruits and vegetables online store in Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida Delhi NCR. Can you please me the related theme for the same.

By: Sachin Gupta
Aug 10, 2015   Reply

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i would like to start a store pls send me details as soon as possible tks.

By: dheeraj shetty
Jul 13, 2015   Reply

Replies :
Hi Dheeraj, I have sent you a mail regarding the same. You can reach me directly on +91-9599916385 or mail me at Tushar - August 10, 2015, 2:29:41 PM

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Hi ! I wanted to know your shipping charges and how many areas do you guys cover.

By: vibhor mishra
Jul 03, 2015   Reply

Replies :
Hi Vibhor, i would like to tell you that we have integration's with the leading logistics companies of India like FEDEX,Delhivery,Aramex etc. We get extremely discounted rates from them, i will share the same with you on your email. For any other queries, you can reach me directly on +91-9599916385 Tushar - August 10, 2015, 2:32:08 PM

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Hi! i wanted to know your shipping charges. Also u cover how many areas in India and do you have logistic services abroad as well?

By: sakshi
Mar 28, 2015   Reply

Replies :
Hi Sakshi! I have sent an email to you for the same! :) Do let me know if you have any queries. Thanks Nitpal - April 1, 2015, 12:25:15 PM

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we wanted to start the online store and regarding the same mailed to you on your reachus mail id but there is no response after 2 months?

By: Chetna
Jan 25, 2015   Reply

Replies :
Hi Chetna! I am already in talks with you aint I? You can reach out to me with specific queries, if any, at Nitpal Guliani - January 28, 2015, 12:17:42 PM

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Hi, Initially I want to start an Intermediate plateform for the buyers and sellers about the services. means, I don't want to sell any product. How StoreHippo help in this regards to develop the site.

By: Surya Shrivastava
Jan 16, 2015   Reply

Replies :
What kind of services are you willing to sell? Can we discuss this in detail? My email id is Nitpal Guliani - January 19, 2015, 3:28:28 PM

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How is the payment gateway managed??

By: Siva Kalyan
Jan 09, 2015   Reply

Replies :
StoreHippo provides integrated with leading payment gateways such as PayU, CCAvenue, PayU Money, Citrus Pay, PayPal, ZaakPay, PayTM etc. You can receive payments in your bank account. Nitpal - January 15, 2015, 1:51:08 PM

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How can we start online bussiness

By: Jatinder singh
Dec 28, 2014   Reply

Replies :
Hi Mr. Jatinder! StoreHippo is a SAAS based E-Commerce platform. The idea behind creating the platform was that anybody can sell online without any technical help. You need not be tech savvy to be able to sell online! StoreHippo provides you an integrated subscription based package that takes care of everything you need to sell online- Online store, apps, notifications, reports, logistics, payment gateways, and more. You can check out to know more about our plans. Nitpal Guliani - January 2, 2015, 12:37:30 PM

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How can we start online products trading

By: Jatinder singh
Dec 28, 2014   Reply

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