5 Limitations of an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

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  • 5 Limitations of an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Are you dealing with wholesale business and looking to expand your business online? Do you want to improve your business effectiveness, boost sales, and provide great customer experience? If you can relate to these questions, you need to rethink how well your enterprise ecommerce solution is serving you today and how well it is equipped to serve you in future.

An ecommerce platform for large-scale business allows you to handle a huge number of tasks, from adding product catalogs, managing orders, to connecting with third-party systems. And the problem arises when you are dealing with high volume orders, multiple stores and vendors, different languages and currencies.


What is an Enterprise ecommerce solution?

In a nutshell, an enterprise solution enables large scale enterprises to get their business online and sell their products digitally. Well, it does not mean that smaller companies cannot use these platforms but this solution offers many additional enterprise-grade features than any standard ecommerce solution to manage the complexities of large businesses.

Handling a high-volume business needs advanced tools and features to manage their business workflow. The primary aim of large-scale business platforms is to streamline and automate your business processes and provide better visibility and control to the top management. And achieving this objective gets way more easier with cloud-based enterprise solutions. But at the same time, it becomes very important to identify the limitations of online platforms for ecommerce business and come up with the most feasible solution.

Today, it has become even easier to handle online wholesale business with cloud-based enterprise solutions. But at the same time, it becomes very important to identify the limitations of online platforms for ecommerce business and come up with the most feasible solution.


Know the top 5 limitations of an enterprise ecommerce solution

1. Inability to scale during peak season

As any other business, online businesses also need to scale during peak selling periods. Imagine you deal with garden products and sell products like herbicides, fertilizers, hedge trimmers, weed whackers etc. So, you need to scale up your business when the weather is most suitable and your prospective customers are reaping in their yards.

Of course, because it drives you more sales. The logic is fine but isn’t it equally important that technology becomes the backbone of your business. A SaaS based enterprise ecommerce solution has the capability to handle the busiest of your business times. With a fully-hosted and managed solution, you need not to worry anything about managing server, software, upgrades, and maintenance. With a high-end and ready to use ecommerce infrastructure, you can boost your sales anytime you want. StoreHippo offers a SaaS based enterprise ecommerce solution that deals with all your back-end and technology issues. And the best part is that this platform can be scaled according to your business growth. 


2. High infrastructure and training cost

If you are thinking that you need to learn coding or hire high-paid IT resources, then let us tell you that all you need is some quick DIY tips to setup and run your online store. A lot of money gets invested when you decide to build a strong IT infrastructure to run an enterprise-level ecommerce business. Moreover, it is not only a one-time cost but you need to maintain and upgrade continuously to keep abreast with the dynamic technology demands.  The next big cost for your online business is the training cost as a large-scale ecommerce business requires a specialised workforce. It is clear that the wholesale businesses shed a huge amount of money and employ specialized pools of IT resources.

StoreHippo offers a wholesale ecommerce platform that can be created, operated, and managed successfully without any sound technical knowledge. It reduces your total cost of ownership dramatically from initial level implementation to ongoing business expenses.


3. Low security

Ecommerce sites record vital information of customers like name, contact and payment details. And the enterprise businesses cannot afford to have security and data breaches as it can lead to damaged brand reputation, trust of customers, and many other hidden business costs. It becomes extremely important for enterprise ecommerce solutions to prioritize security norms and compliances. 

Some of the top security features like authentication, audit logs, authorization, user-based security offered by StoreHippo eliminate the potential data breaches in your online business. It offers many other inbuilt security features along with SSL security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) to ensure maximum trust of your customers. Security being one of the top challenges for large-scale businesses, StoreHippo could not miss it at all. Our ready-to-use solution offers inbuilt security features and takes care of all the high priority norms and compliances for online business security.


4. Lack of personalization

In this era of digital experiences, personalization is the holy grail of marketing. And the strongest reason for its effectiveness is that the strategies are well tuned and anticipate what the customers want. 

Every wholesale business wants to deliver personalization to their customers. But the challenges of collecting customer data, understanding customer behavior, delivering user specific messages give a real tough time. However, doing it with StoreHippo is extremely easy and hassle-free. Some of its marketing features include a powerful discount engine to offer user-based or device-based discounts, personalized landing pages, unified notifications (SMS, email, mobile), abandoned cart management, live chat support etc. StoreHippo is your perfect getaway to offer personalization with the advanced marketing tools and automation. 


5. Integration bottlenecks

The large-scale businesses need to work cohesively and integrate with many critical systems like payments, shipping etc. Most of the modern online businesses have great features but usually they require major efforts to integrate with third-party systems. That’s why choosing the best suitable enterprise ecommerce solution becomes crucial for your business success.

Once your basic infrastructure is in the right place, you need not have a different system for different business processes. Now you know why integrations are so important for the ecommerce business and it is one of the most challenging parts of online business. But not anymore with StoreHippo. The turnkey solution offers so many inbuilt integrations like one-stop shipping solution, secure payment gateways, mailing software, automated marketing system etc. StoreHippo is a one-stop solution that understands your business, integrates with multiple business systems, and includes different addons to get your business successful.·


How does StoreHippo help you overcome these limitations and build an excellent enterprise e commerce solution?

With StoreHippo, it is way too easy to cope up with these limitations and scale your wholesale business. It offers 300+ inbuilt enterprise-grade features that help you in running and growing your business. What's more it reduces the cost, improves your business efficiency and sales. 

Our specialized solution lets you handle the technology limitations by managing the peak load and providing high-end security to your large scale business. It also helps you to reach new heights of success by creating wow stores to acquire new customers and maintain the existing customers with personalized marketing tools.

The best wholesale ecommerce platform does not only work on features, it requires best-in-class functionality to win the online business game. And yes, StoreHippo has it all. We offer specialized solutions for complex ecommerce business models like multi-store, multi-vendor marketplace, multilingual website, and also, deal with a variety of B2B and B2C stores. Schedule a DEMO to explore our enterprise solution or start your 14-day trial to understand how it can work best for your ecommerce business.

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