8 Must-have Features of the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in India

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  • 8 Must-have Features of the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in India

“Can I increase my sales?”

“Can I speed up the online checkout process?”

“Can I find an ecommerce platform that powers up my large scale business operations?”

If these questions sound familiar, you might be wondering about how well you have implemented wholesale ecommerce software today and how well it is equipped to serve you tomorrow.

Nearly every business requires an enterprise ecommerce software if:

  • They offer more than one type of product or service
  •  Pools technical and financial resources among different departments
  • Have its own marketing team
  •  Owns multiple brands
  •  Likely to have a global presence

If you have ticked on most of these boxes, read on.

Running a large scale ecommerce store requires you to handle a myriad of tasks like managing orders, connecting with third-party systems, rendering product catalogs, and much more. And the complexity of these tasks gets even more compounded when you have to deal with large order volumes, multiple product lines, different languages, and currencies.


Why choosing an enterprise ecommerce platform is crucial for your business success?

Building a successful wholesale ecommerce business takes a lot more than you can ever think.

The only solution to handle the challenges of online business and make your business successful is enterprise ecommerce software. But it is equally important to choose the right solutione that supports all your needs and allows you to excel in the online industry.

So, how do you plan to select the best wholesale ecommerce solution provider that’s ready to scale with your business today, tomorrow, and beyond?

 Know the 8 Must have features of best enterprise ecommerce platform in India 

1. Business flexibility and scalability

Online businesses grow and scale quickly, especially high volume businesses. Nobody starts a business with the intention of keeping it low-key. Of course, they look for enhanced growth and success of business over time. And it is important to select a platform that walks along with your business growth.

Not every enterprise ecommerce software is flexible and scalable to handle multiple facets of your business. Fortunately, StoreHippo offers a scalable wholesale ecommerce platform built on modern technology, advanced functionalities to handle peak load. And cherry on the top is its simplicity to use. You need not to have prior technical knowledge to use the platform and offer one of the simplest learning curves.

2. High Performance website

An enterprise ecommerce business does not only offer simple buying and selling of products over the website. It needs to offer more complex features for large scale businesses. The inbuilt capabilities of the platform should be supportive enough to handle multiple storefronts for different product lines, fulfil global business needs like multiple currencies and languages, manage multi-vendor marketplaces, and more.

In addition to B2B features, the performance indicators include fast page loading, catchy designs, SEO-friendliness to get better online traffic. StoreHippo is one of the best enterprise ecommerce platforms in India and incorporates all of the above features to handle your B2B online business in just the way you want.

3. Customizations for large-scale business

Customization has become no less than a necessity for wholesale businesses. It is not only about customizing your website designs and themes but more about tweaking the back-end business operations. Like every person, every business is different too. This is where you need extensive customizations on your platform that help you gain a competitive edge.

When it comes to personalizing your business according to the different business needs, StoreHippo offers a highly flexible back-end and allows you to tweak existing entities or add new entities altogether. The ready-to-go enterprise ecommerce software allows easy and rapid customizations to adapt to your business requirements.

4. High-end security

Security and privacy counts for one of the most horrible issues for online businesses. And managing these issues cannot be a manual job. You need a platform that offers inherent secure ecommerce solutions to make your website safe and secure. The whole ecosystem of the ecommerce store, from enquiry, product management, bulk ordering system, to payments works with high-end security if you select the best enterprise ecommerce platforms in India. 

Now, what do we mean by best? The best ecommerce platform for your business is the one that offers high-end security and compliance for your online wholesale business the way StoreHippo does. It offers a secure solution with SSL encryption to make your website completely secure. Additionally, the security features like granular user roles, access to audit logs, two-way authentication, PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways offer you a highly secure business solution.

5. Brand awareness with white labelling

If you are dealing in the B2B world, labelling becomes an essential element for your large-scale business. While-labeling means the branding of purchases or marketer instead of the manufacturer. It is mainly used in the case of high volume business because they seek to create a niche in the market.

With a ready-to-use enterprise ecommerce software like StoreHippo, you can easily customize the customer touch-points for better brand awareness. You can change the color scheme, logo and replace them with your own brand logo in a few clicks. 

6. B2B specific features

The B2B model works very differently than the B2C businesses. If you want to make your mark in online business and stand out of the crowd, you need to have a custom-made solution. Moreover, the extensive customizations provides better flexibility, control, and scalability to your business in the long run. You can help your business run and grow online with the B2B specific features offered by StoreHippo.

In addition to the B2B features, StoreHippo also offers enterprise-grade features like powerful tax engine, customized order enquiry, wholesale and retail pricing, request a quote customization, and much more to automate your wholesale business.

7. Seamless integrations

Ecommerce may seem to be an online business for two parties but it actually consists of multiple third-parties like payment gateways, logistics etc. It is important for an enterprise ecommerce software to integrate with the third-party applications in a seamless manner. StoreHippo is an ecommerce platform that offers seamless integrations for wholesale businesses like custom ERP, logistics, payment gateways, distribution channels, etc. It provides a hassle-free buying experience to customers. And seamless integrations also ensure that you have a well-oiled business with all your business processes at the same place. 

8. Personalized user experience

This is an absolute must-have of the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India. Today is the era of experiences rather than just the buying and selling process online. Personalized user experience is not the only right of B2C customers but wholesale buyers also demand personalization like never before.

StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutionallows the high volume businesses to offer personalized user experience with the help of advanced tools and features like custom notifications, login, location, or device-based pricing, landing pages with personalized content, and a lot more.


Why should you choose StoreHippo as your enterprise ecommerce software?

Choosing the right enterprise platform has the capability to make or break your online business. It serves as a primary base and the right backing of technology, functionality, and features gives you everything you need for your large scale business success.

If you don’t want to get stuck with a rigid ecommerce platform that can hamper your business growth, choose StoreHippo as your enterprise ecommerce software. It completely supports high volume business, handles large-scale business complexities, advanced features for B2B business to power up your wholesale business like never before. In addition to these features, StoreHippo is a highly secure platform with over 99.99% uptime with a mobile-first approach. Don’t wait and schedule your 14-day free trial to explore all the modern ecommerce features of the platform.

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