How PWA Will Change B2C+ B2B Ecommerce In 2021

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  • How PWA Will Change B2C+ B2B Ecommerce In 2021

With retail making a huge shift to ecommerce, it is time for B2C and B2B ecommerce businesses to gear up and offer their customers an advanced and competitive ecommerce store. Launching a high-performing and mobile-friendly website is the way forward. How will brands build such competitive websites? Well, in 2021, PWAs will be the hottest technology that ecommerce brands will use to build mobile-friendly sites and stay at the top of their game. 

How so? 

PWAs are lighter, faster, and technologically advanced, consume less space, bring better engagement, and are mobile-friendly. PWAs offer a plethora of advantages for businesses, some of which we will discuss in this blog.

Here are 5 ways in which PWA will change the B2B and B2C ecommerce landscape in 2021

1. No need for separate app development

Today, all businesses know the importance of mobile commerce, which is why most of them build a mobile app in addition to the company website. This gives way to the need to maintain both the website and the app separately. 

However, a smart way to reduce the effort and get the best out of both is to develop a PWA site. PWA sites are web based applications that look, feel, and function like a regular mobile app.

Since PWA sites function like mobile apps, there is no need for businesses to go for app development separately. This also means that they would not have to host them on app stores and deal with the hassle of approvals and permissions.

StoreHippo is an ecommerce platform that can help you build PWA sites for your B2C or B2B ecommerce store from scratch. It is loaded with hundreds of features to make your app development process smooth and easy.

2. Fast and cost-effective development

One of the biggest advantages of developing a PWA is the ease of development and implementation. How so? Well, normally a company would have to build a website and a mobile app separately and hire specialized teams to maintain them. Special effort would be required to make sure that the ecommerce store runs smoothly on the web, mobile, or tablet. Moreover, to facilitate mobile commerce for all users, they would need to hire dedicated teams for the Android and iOS versions. 

However, if you develop a PWA site for your business, you won’t have to worry about any of it as PWAs are an all-in-one package. The only team of people required to develop PWAs will be web developers who build for all platforms. 

This will help B2C and B2B ecommerce companies save a lot of effort and cost, which can be used for further business growth.

Did you know that you can build a PWA site for your ecommerce business without any technical knowledge? Yes, when you build a store on StoreHippo, you can easily turn your store into a PWA site in just a few clicks! 

3. Reach a wider audience

Mobile apps are great for mobile commerce, but a big con of a mobile app is that they need to be downloaded in order to be used. Whereas PWAs are accessible in a single or few clicks. Since there is no need for users to download the PWA site, more users are likely to visit the website. Moreover, links to these sites can be easily shared on any platform, which increases the number of people who visit the site. 

Additionally, since the same link can be accessed on different devices, all the traffic will be directed to the same site, whether the user is using a mobile, a tablet, or a computer. This helps the brands, whether B2B and B2C, widen their reach and boost their conversions. How? Well, by directing the users of all devices to a single destination - the PWA site. 

Build a PWA site with StoreHippo and expand your audience base. StoreHippo also has a lot of marketing tools for you to reach out to more people and keep your existing customers engaged.

4. Discoverable in search

PWAs can be discovered during organic searches and links to the websites can be shared easily. This will allow your store to rank higher on SERPs. The major contribution to the searchability is by the URLs of PWA, which are indexed by Google. Further, users can easily find PWA websites on the internet because of their SEO detailed webpages, reducing your marketing efforts. 

PWA also supports voice-based searches, thereby exposing your pages to an even wider range of target audience. With no need to download a separate app for your business, and a simple SEO boost to add PWAs to customers’ home screen, this ultimately results in better conversion rates as well.

When you build a B2C or B2B ecommerce store with StoreHippo, searchability comes without saying. All StoreHippo sites are SEO-friendly and therefore easy to promote. 

5. Better engagement & conversions

PWAs are high-performing sites that have super-fast loading speeds. Plus, they consume low amounts of data. And the UI of these sites is attractive and interactive, which is sure to enhance the user experience by many degrees and keep the users engaged. More engagement means higher chances of conversions

Another handy feature of PWAs is push notifications that can be sent to the users without extracting details such as phone number or email ID. Now, this is highly helpful for brands to directly reach their audience and compel them to visit the website, spend more time on it, or complete the orders.

Another amazing feature of PWAs is offline connectivity. PWAs can be used even with limited or no connectivity, which allows customers to complete purchases even when they are offline. Now isn’t that a great perk?


Build an attractive PWA site with StoreHippo and offer your customers a user experience like never before. When shopping will be made so easy, your customers will come back to the store again and again.

PWA websites are the future of B2C as well as B2B ecommerce and will be used abundantly in 2021 by different brands. After all, the benefits associated with it are aplenty. If you have recognized some of them and wish to build a PWA-friendly ecommerce store for your business, StoreHippo is the ideal platform for you. It offers turnkey solutions to build advanced, customizable, and high-performance ecommerce websites. Take a free trial now and get started with your brand-new PWA website.

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