8 Ways PWA can Boost your Ecommerce Conversions

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  • 8 Ways PWA can Boost your Ecommerce Conversions

Ever since Google coined the term Progressive Web Application (PWA) in 2015, it has taken the domain of web development by the storm. 

Not only they have proved themselves as an efficient architecture to make the development of web applications easier and cheaper but even contributed to enhancing the user’s experience while using mobile applications

Progressive web apps are the complete solution for businesses desiring a top-quality experience for developers as well as regular users. And better experience leads to better conversions. If you think your e-commerce conversions could use such assistance, PWA can be the answer.

And that is why StoreHippo uses mobile-ready PWA architecture to give your consumers a seamless experience while shopping on your online store.

Spare your users the pain of slow-loading pages

StoreHippo believes in speed and performance. And this will help you in a great way to convert more leads. 

It's common knowledge that if a web page doesn't load in 2-4  seconds, then there is a colossal chance that the visitor will abandon the website and go to the new one.

StoreHippo's quick and mobile-responsive web pages help you avoid such critical loss.

No need to be unsure about it

If you have any reservations about the capabilities and legitness of the power of PWA, then there are cases of well-known brands who turned their conversions around for better. 

To dig in deeper, you can look up Flipkart’s example. 

In 2015, Flipkart utilised an app-only strategy and temporarily took their mobile website down. Later Flipkart determined to rethink their development strategy. Progressive web app's outstanding features drew them back to the mobile web. The same thing helped them re-engage with users and convert more leads.(Source)

  • User's browse time on the website increased up to 3 times
  • Buyer re-engagement increased by 40%
  • Data usage went down by three-fold

Even AliExpress from Alibaba Group profited from considering progressive web apps in their mobile commerce. They realised their buyers deserved a polished and smooth experience. After they built their own cross-browser web application, conversion rates from new users spiked up by 104%.

So Fret No More

Using StoreHippo’s PWA powered mobile-ready platform you can also boost your conversions just like aforementioned big names did. 

Here are 8 ways how Progressive Web Apps can boost your ecommerce conversions

1. Truly Mobile-Ready

Majority of the traffic a business receives these days comes from mobile devices. With Progressive web apps, you can give your users a superior experience on your online store's web apps. There is still room for improvement and further development in progressive web apps, but it's still armed with enough power to make your web app work and achieve its expectations. With StoreHippo's mobile-ready platform, your customers won't stop coming back to your store. 

2. Unparalleled UX with lightning-fast loading pages

It’s no secret now that fluent and seamless user experience is the key to retain your consumers and even gain new patrons. Not only customer loyalty gets reinforced but you also enhance your consumer base. Progressive web apps lightweight architecture makes the web app load faster than conventional web pages. With efficient use of caches, you can access the pages you did in the past, instantly. Give your buyers an app-like experience, they won’t even notice any difference.

3. No Network? No Problem !! 

An attention-catching characteristic of PWA is its offline functionality. This is achieved with 'Service Workers' which act as a virtual proxy between the browser and the network. It helps them to correctly cache the assets of a website and make them accessible when the user's device is offline.

So even if you are devoid of internet connection or are stuck someplace with constant network connectivity issues, you still can use it to get your work done. What else can anyone ask for after being given this perk? No more intrusive alerts about poor network. Your users can complete their checkout process with total confidence. Less distractions and offline functionality keeps your users in track of what they were doing and even bolsters loyalty and retention along with positive word of mouth.

4. Save your device’s storage space

Platform-specific native mobile apps can have their drawbacks. One of the most common one being depleting your device's storage space. Downloading a colossal app which consumes a lot of space on your smartphone. 

PWA does not need not be downloaded in that case. They can be saved on your mobile's screen with a couple of taps. This way, a user can easily access the application without pain.

With only a little space required to operate on your app, you can tap into multiple demographics based on the type of devices they use as high end devices are not necessary to run the progressive web apps.

5. No More Manual Updates

Unlike device-native apps, progressive web apps doesn't require a user's attention and time to be updated. Service workers automatically update the assets and resources of an app in the background. Even without the service workers app refreshes itself every time before new use. No approval is required from the user to you can say goodbye to the repetitive and annoying notifications which can be very bothersome. 

With a smooth experience like this, customers will always return and you can even attract new clients.

6. Grab your client’s attention with Push Notifications

Cart abandonment in e-commerce business is prevalent a lot more than people think. Did you know? More than 67% of buyers abandon their shopping carts and not purchase anything. There are even studies showing 80+ % shopping cart abandonment while mobile shopping.

Avoid all those negative statistics and make sure your online store isn't part of the problem. Progressive Web Apps with integrated Push API enables the web app to send out push notifications to your buyers reminding them about the items left in the cart, offers, and promotional alerts which can bolster consumer interest.

7. Reach a Wider Audience

As already mentioned, mobile users living in areas with poor or limited connectivity are deterred from downloading native apps with huge sizes. The experience can be tedious and boring for such users. 

Progressive web apps are the turnkey solution to tackle issues like these. Furthermore, Google has recently made it so that any PWA can be published in the Google Play Store. Users happy with the web app can give you great reviews and attract more customers as the result of positive word of mouth.

8. More secure than a Regular Website

Unlike conventional websites, all PWA data is sent to the user via HTTPs. So the attacks like HTML injection and cross-site scripting are avoided easily thanks to this feature. With a totally secure web application, your buyers will feel safer than ever. You will win their loyalty and they will be more confident to buy products from your store. And positive word of mouth hasn’t harmed any business.


Mobile has been a beneficial channel for numerous brands over the past few years. Not only it has been instrumental in improving customer loyalty but has even helped in gaining new consumers by providing excellent experience of mobile shopping. Mobile apps are getting more traffic than ever, and big brands are not going to stop improving this channel. Engagement opportunities can be easily created to engage with customers at different stages of the purchase cycle. 

Online stores powered by StoreHippo run seamlessly on all devices, i.e; mobiles as well as desktops. Using Progressive Web Apps, StoreHippo builds ecommerce websites that look, feel and work like mobile apps. They improve user experience and increases conversions.

So sign up with StoreHippo and find out the true Mobile-Ready power of PWA.

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