How to get More Repeat Customers to Your E-commerce Website

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  • How to get More Repeat Customers to Your E-commerce Website

Is there any website owner who doesn't love repeat customers making recurring purchases from their website? It's a dream for online shopping site owners to have a heavy database of repeat customers who adore their products and generate a steady stream of revenue for them. This is because even if a seller has a small customer base he has to worry less about new customer acquisition, as he at least has a base of repeat clients. This small set of repeat buyers at least assist in maintaining the cash flow for business operations of his e-commerce website.

Nonetheless, customer acquisition is key to the expansion of business and revenue. Hence, e-commerce retailers are always aiming to acquire new clients. While an online site grows organically as time passes by, the existing customer base needs to be maintained with hard work for compounded sales growth. Repeat customers to an extent are a success strategy.

How does one incentivise and encourage old clients to make new purchases time and again from your online shopping site? Note down some interesting and logical ways to get more out of repeat customers.

Making them feel privileged

Making regular customers feel special is separate from making them feel privileged. Make the existing customer feel like they have an edge over other future customers and that is why they are being offered tailored discounts. When a customer feels that a certain discount is being offered only to them they definitely will hit your e-commerce website to take a good peep on products and discounts. You could also give them special promo codes that they can use for their next purchase at discounted rates. This is a guaranteed way to make a sale and enjoy customer retainment.

Customer is everything

Do remember that the customer‘s mind is fickle. It is a victim of hundreds of marketing campaigns and making sure your online shopping site is on the top of their minds is your job. There are simple but effective and low-cost methods to keep your website simmering in your current customer’s mind. These include using the registration information for marketing. Send them emailers on their special days and occasions like birthdays and anniversaries that they have marked down on their registration forms. Recently a well-known shopping website gave existing customers massive discounts on the entire website on completing a year from their official online launch. The customer is everything, so make them feel they are remembered.

Loyalty gains

If a customer repeatedly makes purchases from your online shopping site they definitely would love some loyalty benefits. Send them a personalised loyalty card with a promo code that could earn them a point on every purchase made from the website. This will also indirectly incentivise the customers to make more purchases from your website as they may be tempted to make use of their accumulated points. Retain customers smartly!

Small things matter, like Transport Charges

Shipping charges are often an irritating sight to see in the total bill on a website. Do your regular customers a favour and remove shipping charges for them. Allow your business model to absorb this cost. This will make your customers love your e-commerce website even more. Make sure you send them an email or notify them that their shipping charges have been waived off due to repeated purchases. This will encourage purchases and give you an edge over other competitors who could steal away your existing customers.

Marketing the right way and at the right time

We take marketing for granted and believe it is a daily chore for making sales. However, for existing customers the correct type of marketing at the correct timing is important. The best way to market your online shopping site is through regular emails to existing customers. Do not hoard them with messages. Send them messages on festivals, special occasions and on sales and events on your websites. Showcase special collections to your regular customers with marketing campaigns.

Incentivize, Grow and Profit with Feedback

Use your regular customer base to your advantage by asking for their feedback. Incentivise them to give their feedback with a coupon code or a discount code on filling the feedback survey on your e-commerce website itself or through an emailed feedback form. This will encourage them to make a purchase, give you solid feedback from a regular customer and you can profit as well! Feedbacks are great as they will help you plan and strategies to acquire new customers and who better than old customers to give you effective feedback. Win-win!

Target the marketing

Most online shopping sites make the mistake of sending mass emails for marketing. Emails, especially if being sent to old and existing customers should be specific and targeted. By targeted we mean that if a customer has looked up a certain brand earlier they should receive an email or notification when that brand of product goes on sale or similar product is added. Customization can encourage purchases. A website owner has the privilege of knowing the customer’s preferences through the search. If he knows the preferences then why not target and hit the bull’s eye?

The Necessary, Customer Service

Customer service is definitely a no-brainer for efficient virtual transactions on e-commerce websites. But, we should highlight that poor customer service experience is, in fact, one of the biggest factors that can actually ward off first-time buyers and can probably offend repeated buyers. Customer service, pick-up, drop facilities, exchanges, shipping, transit and delivery time and return on damaged products are essential rating indicators for a buyer of your online shopping site. If you are rated well on these aforementioned indicators there are chances you have fans! So make customer service a priority and work on giving the customer a hassle-free experience if you want to get them back to your e-commerce website.


These are some of the best ways to get your current set of customers hooked on to your portal for repeated purchases. The growth of your business from repeat customers is directly proportional to the growth of your business from new customers on an e-commerce website. The longer your business grows and survives the rat race of online business with the help of existing customers the higher the chances your website would have of fetching organic growth in sales and customer base over time.

Make sure your current database is polished regularly and allow it to breathe in new customers for your website. To make the whole process easier, power your ecommerce website with a future-ready ecommerce platform like StoreHippo. After all, you need the right tools, features and cutting edge technology to offer the most seamless and immersive buying experience to your customers.

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