Why you should incorporate PUSH notifications in your ecommerce communication channel?

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  • Why you should incorporate PUSH notifications in your ecommerce communication channel?

How do you usually react to an ecommerce push notification flashing on your mobile or desktop?

Click on it and go to the website to check out the offer? Right?

This is the beauty of push notifications! 

They pull your customers from wherever they are and send them to your site. All you need to achieve this is an offer that is engaging and can be converted with a subtle nudge. 

How do Push notifications work?

Push notifications are the most powerful marketing channel for ecommerce whether sent on the desktop or through mobile. Just like email marketing you have to request your customers to opt-in for push notifications for your ecommerce business. With opt-in rates being high at 46%, it is relatively easier to convince your customers to accept ecommerce push notifications from your business.

Once you have the list of your Push subscribers, you can start sending them notifications on mobile devices or desktop. Push notifications are believed to increase the app engagement up to 3X and result in 92% higher mobile app retention.

Push Notifications: Why are they must have for your online business?

Push notifications keep your customers updated about the latest events, news and special offers in your store. Thanks to the heavy dependence of users on their mobile phones, these notifications become one of the most effective tools in ecommerce marketing.  

Let us see how the web and mobile push notifications add value to your ecommerce communication channels;

1. Higher Customer Engagement

Push notifications help in engaging your customers better by sending instant messages related to their purchase cycle. You can not only send push notifications about the deals and discounts but also send reminders about incomplete check out or availability of out of stock items browsed by the customer.

These notifications help in maximizing customer re-engagement at various points in the customer lifecycle.

2. Increased Traffic

Push notifications are known to instantly drive traffic to your website. They are 10X more effective than emails in bringing back your customers to your site. They not only help to drive customers but also play a crucial role in retaining existing users.

Since these notifications engage the users at the right time, there is a higher chance of getting conversions as a result of mobile push notifications.

3. Improved Sales

The open rate of push notifications ranges between 30% to 60%.  Out of these 54% users, who are targeted with segmented push messages get converted. This is a very high percentage and compared to other notification channels.

About 50% of user opt-in for push messages so that they can get immediate access to exclusive offers with best deals. Hence, the willing customers always tend to keep buying more thus increasing overall repeat orders.

4. No need for Mobile Apps

Push notifications do not need an app to function. This saves lots of cost in developing and maintaining the apps. As all the major browsers support web and mobile push notifications these can be used effectively to target your audiences while they are using different devices through a regular day.

Website push notifications reach the customers directly instead and hence have a better click through rate than emails. If you design your web notifications based on the insight of your customer buying behavior you have a better chance of getting higher ROI from your efforts.

5. Better Insight on Customer Behaviour

Push notifications usually have inbuilt analytics and tools that help you track your customers’ behavior. You can do complete customer profiling based on the devices used by the customer, the open rate of notifications, timings when open rates are highest/lowest and many such parameters.

Based on these facts you can realign your marketing strategy and send the ideal deals for each customer segment to get maximum ROI.


Unleash the power of unified notifications on your website to increase your customer engagement and boost your sales.

Storehippo ecommerce platform India, allows you to easily integrate web and mobile push notifications to engage your customers better. However, you should be careful not to overdo. Plan it as a mix of your other unified notifications to get the best results.

Leave your comments and let us know if you want to know more about StoreHippo Unified Notifications.

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