Top 10 Ecommerce Marketplaces in India 2024 (B2B+B2C)

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  • Top 10 Ecommerce Marketplaces in India 2024 (B2B+B2C)

Did you know that growing at an annual rate of 51%, the Indian Ecommerce revenue is highest in the world. Driven mainly by the popular multi vendor marketplaces, this growth also underlines the huge demand-supply gap.

While Amazon leads the race, many home-grown players are gradually growing their reach and solidifying their presence. The battle is undoubtedly fierce but ideal for the growth of indigenous brands that can capitalize on the gap in need and supply. 

Despite the low internet penetration, with only 50% of the Indian population having internet access the Indian market size is huge. As the internet reaches more people the market would evolve and grow further. 

With the Indian online shoppers already conditioned by their experiences on the popular ecommerce marketplaces, this business model is the one that will remain popular in years to come. No wonder why more and more purely ecommerce players as well as brick and mortar brands are opting for this business model.

Top 10 Multi Vendor Marketplaces in India 2024 (B2B+B2C)

So without further ado let's first check out the top 10 online marketplaces in India. 

Top 5 B2C Ecommerce Marketplaces In India In 2024

Since the B2C multi seller model is known to everyone, lets first check the top 5 marketplaces in this segment:

Amazon India

For Indian buyers, online shopping is synonymous with shopping on Amazon. Trusted by over 70% of online shoppers Amazon is estimated to have 322.54 million monthly visitors. Along with selling a wide variety of products like electronics, appliances, grocery, fashion etc. Amazon also offers its own brand of products, Amazon prime digital services and top-selling devices like Alexa and Echo.   


Flipkart is India’s first and perhaps most successful e-commerce success story. Started initially as a bookselling multi vendor store, Flipkart now sells almost everything just like Amazon. Flipkart’s estimated monthly visitor volume stands at 242.62 million. Flipkart has over 1,00,000 registered sellers on its multi vendor marketplace selling a variety of electronics, fashion, appliances, furniture, books and other stuff.


Snapdeal started as a coupon and deals site and eventually turned into a variety shopping platform with over 3,00,000 sellers and 30 million+ products. Snapdeal has attracted funding from global investors like Softbank, Alibaba etc. The estimated number of monthly visitors on their portal is 56.41 million. While electronics are the top-selling category, Snapdeal also sells a variety of other products like fashion, toys, beauty products, kitchen appliances etc.


Myntra is another indigenous pure-play ecommerce marketplace dealing in fashion, lifestyle and home-related products. It was acquired by Flipkart in 2014 and remains to be the top fashion destination for online shoppers in metros as well as tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The estimated number of Myntra’s monthly visitors is 48.03 million. Through its sellers and distributors Myntra stocks a range of products like menswear, womenswear, ethnic wear, kidswear, local and global brands in makeup and fashion, home decor etc. 


Shopclues is another player that is well known for having an array of products like fashion, mobile and gadgets, sports, kitchen etc. It has over 50 million registered customers with 22 million monthly unique visitors. Along with this the multi vendor marketplace has over 6 lakh merchants and has over 28 million products. Recently it tied-up with ShemarooMe, a leading OTT video streaming service provider for offering digital streaming services.

Now let’s move on and see the top players of the B2B multi seller platforms.


Top 5 B2B Multi Vendor Marketplaces In India In 2024


Udaan was conceptualised and built to make it easier for small and medium businesses to run their business. Udaan directly connects buyers with manufacturers and helps them to buy and sell their product and services on a common platform. Udaan has 1,50,000+ traders, wholesalers and retailers from various parts of India. It also provides credit facility to selected buyers on the platform. 


IndiaMART is one of the most popular B2B multi vendor marketplaces in India. It allows business and growth opportunities to large scale businesses along with SMEs and individual sellers. Through its 47 lakh+ suppliers IndiaMART sells over 5 Cr products listed on its platform to over 47 lakh enterprise and individual buyers across India.


Alibaba not only connects Indian suppliers and businesses domestically but also opens up the platform for exporters, importers and suppliers who wish to connect with global businesses. Indian buyers can buy products from global sellers and also sell their products globally through Alibaba’s B2B multi vendor marketplace. There are over 30 million active buyers and millions of sellers on the Alibaba platform.


Tradeindia has over 5 million registered users and approximately 4 million sellers and buyers. It connects small businesses from Indian as well as international markets who can sell their products and services through the platform. It has won many awards for offering reliable and industry best services to its merchants and other businesses in India as well as in global markets. 


ExportsIndia is an exclusive ecommerce marketplace to help Indian Indian manufacturers and sellers reach foreign markets while also selling in the domestic markets. It has helped many businesses reap the benefit of going online and reaching markets which were otherwise not possible for their brand. 

So, here we have the top 10 multi seller websites in India. Now that we know their business model and area of operation, let’s understand why this is the most sought after business model by brands as well as individual players.

What Makes Multi Vendor Marketplace The Best Model For Your Business

The reasons that make multi seller an ideal business model for new entrants are:

  • Availability of turnkey solutions that make it easy to launch the business
  • Lots of existing examples to help you frame your business model
  • The willingness of vendors and sellers to sell on online marketplaces
  • Easy to scale to new markets or product lines by adding new vendors
  • Multiple ways to generate revenue along with commissions on orders
  • Customers willingness and trust in marketplace brands

No wonder, we see new marketplaces going online so often. However, apart from the business strategy and the business model, the software solution also plays a crucial role in determining the success or failure of your business. A comprehensive marketplace builder is the first requirement to build a platform where you can connect your sellers with our buyers. 

Looking for a feature-rich multi vendor marketplace solution?

StoreHippo has you covered!

Why Choose StoreHippo To Build Your B2B or B2C Ecommerce Marketplace

StoreHippo offers a turnkey, mobile-ready, scalable and customizable multi-seller ecommerce solution to build B2C as well as B2B multi vendor portals. The fully hosted and managed platform comes with 300+ inbuilt features that take care of your end to end business requirements. It gives you customizable themes to build the most engaging and customer friendly portal.

Designed to make it easy for the business owners as well as the vendors to run the everyday business, StoreHippo offers an intuitive admin panel that amalgamates your business at one place. From managing your vendors to their products, commissions and payouts, you have it all in one place. You can also see the complete order history, best-selling products, shipping and payment details etc.

Along with these you get a comprehensive set of B2B ecommerce solutions like minimum order quantity, request a quote, custom forms, customized invoice, wholesale and retail pricing, location-based pricing, white labelling etc. to take care of the B2B requirements. Integrations with custom ERP and other software is also easy. You can also set up your multi-store portal or explore global markets with a multilingual, multicurrency online marketplace.

StoreHippo also offers 50+ payment gateways, integrated logistics solutions and inbuilt marketing tools. Built on the mobile-first principle StoreHippo helps you in tapping the m-ecommerce market with PWA stores that work like apps when opened in a browser. You can also build your Android and iOS apps right from your dashboard at no additional cost.

In nutshell, StoreHippo has everything you need to build, run and grow your B2B+B2C multi vendor marketplace.


Inspired by the success of the top 10 Indian multi-vendor marketplaces? 

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2024 is the year brimming with opportunities for enterprise businesses in India. The B2C and B2B business models will continue to remain popular and rule the ecommerce industry. Nicely curated list of 10 top multi vendor marketplaces in India

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