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Ecommerce Insights - 13

How cross border eCommerce can help enterprise brands solidify their global presence

Ecommerce has opened up commerce beyond boundaries for enterprise brands. With research clearly indicating the unprecedented growth of ecommerce across borders, this is the opportune moment for enterprise brands to plan their expansion and go for international ecommerce. While buyers are buying a variety of products from foreign ecommerce stores the top industries for cross border global ecommerce are fashion, IT and mobile phones, books, music, travel and event tickets. Non-availability of branded products in their own country, better prices and fast international shipping are the key factors that nudge online buyers towards cross border e commerce. With the pandemic push, buyer segments that never shopped online have also started shopping online. International brands that implement localization along with globalization and place their products in international ecommerce markets with the right marketing strategy can reap rich dividends.

Cross Border Ecommerce Insights

  • $2.25 trillion is the expected value of the cross border e-commerce market by 2026

  • ~4X growth in international cross border ecommerce market value from 2019 to 2026

  • 27.4% is the CAGR of global cross-border ecommerce from 2018-2027

  • $4.8 trillion estimated reach of global cross-border B2C ecommerce market by 2027

  • 22% of online sales come through cross border ecommerce in 2022, up from 15% in 2018
  • 67% of online buyers contribute at least 10% of their monthly online spending on foreign sites

Source: Statista, eMarketer, Zion Research

Cross Border Ecommerce Shopping Trends

  • 70% of ecommerce buyers have recently made a purchase from a foreign site 

  • 35% of online buyers shop regularly from global ecommerce stores based outside their country

  • 67% of global cross-border online buyers purchase from foreign sites because of lower prices outside of their own country 

  • 65% of cross border e commerce buyers prefer content in their native language

  • 80% of retailers worldwide agree that cross border e commerce is profitable

Source: eMarketer, Invesp


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