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Ecommerce Insights - 12

Why enterprise brands should consider ecommerce for their business

Ecommerce has changed the way businesses operated and buyers brought goods and services. With increased mobile and internet penetration and the pandemic push, eCommerce has accelerated by at least five years. From products to services, everything has moved online. Buyers are opting for convenience over going to offline shops. Ecommerce has made it possible for brands to reach a wider customer base and markets beyond geographical  borders. New and hybrid business models have made ecommerce even more successful and given birth to hundreds of successful digital-native brands. With a host of e commerce solution providers, setting up an eCommerce website is a matter of days further advancing the growth of online businesses. Evern traditionally offline industries like construction, healthcare, education etc. have realised the benefits of going online. With a favourable forecast for coming years, e-commerce is the way to go for brands of every scale and size.

Ecommerce Insights

  • 12 million – 24 million Ecommerce sites across the globe, with many more being created each day

  • 93.5% of global internet users have brought products online

  • 27% of the global population shop online

  • $20.9 trillion is the projected global B2B ecommerce market value by 2027

  • $7.4 trillion is the forecasted value of B2C e commerce sales by 2025

  • 72.9% of global retail ecommerce sales come through m-commerce

Source: Statista

7 Top Ecommerce Shopping Trends

  • 80% of online buyers shop in e commerce stores at least once a month

  • 80% of eCommerce buyers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalized experiences

  • 63% of mobile phone users prefer buying from a brand owning a mobile app or mobile website

  • 45% of global e-commerce payments are done through digital and mobile wallets 

  • 0-2 seconds page load time for ecommerce websites results in the highest conversion rates

  • 54% of eCommerce buyers are more likely to complete a purchase when offered free shipping

  • 70% of ecommerce buyers read between 1-6 product reviews before shopping

Source: Statista

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