Tip #3 Prevent Customer Complaints on your Online Store by Making Your Brand the Best

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  • Tip #3 Prevent  Customer Complaints on your Online Store by Making Your Brand the Best

We have already discussed how Understanding Your Customers and Customer Service that Cares can be useful tools in stopping customer complaints on your online store. Now we will discuss the third and the final tip that would help you in eliminating customer complaints on your web store.

The best way to stop customer complaints when you build an online store is to make your brand the most liked brand by your customers. Set a benchmark for product and services that they get nowhere else. Add value to your services and make your customers addicted to your webstore. 

Make your brand the best and the favourite of your buyers so that each one of them turns out to be your brand ambassador and brings in more sales for you. To achieve this you will have to make certain changes in your site and policies that stop customer complaints and makes customer trust and love your brand.

Let us see how to eliminate customer complaints reasons by making your  brand better than the others;

1. Product Pages that Delight

It is a proven fact that the longer you manage to engage the customer on your product page the higher the chances of conversion. A product page that has good quality image of the product from every angle, carries complete information about the product, answers FAQ, has product rating and reviews, product video and content that compels the customers to use the product, not only helps in selling the product but also reduces complaints as customer is well informed about the product and its quality before buying it.

2. Keep your Promises

To compete with other brands online stores often resort to false promises which later results in complaints about online retailers. Promising what you cannot deliver makes your customers feel cheated and distraught. They also lose trust in your brand and with one bad experience they can become disloyal and permanently shift to some other site. So, promise only what you can deliver and work to build customer trust to reduce complaints.

3. Content that Connects

The content on your website can be a powerful tool to create your brand reputation and connect with your customers. A detailed knowledge of your business policies, products, terms of service etc. can be provided through content that can help your clients take informed decisions reducing chances of complaints in future. 

Add FAQ, knowledgebase, blog, reship and return policy, any agreements, terms and conditions etc as separate pages show the links of these pages prominently on your website to reduce customer complaints reasons.

4. Be Transparent with Customers

Many  times, problems crop up in a business that could directly impact the services and need time to resolve. During such a situation, it is better to take the customer in confidence and keep them informed about the issue and the tentative time it would take to be fixed. 

This can stir up some customers who are impatient but usually, it pacifies and keeps customers under control and builds up their faith in your brand. Informed customers usually do not get frustrated and this reduces the types of customer complaints on your online store.

5. Multi Channel Support

During a purchase cycle, customers connect prefer to be connected with the store through multiple support channels. Offering multiple support channels like live chat, email, call, SMS etc. helps the customers expedite and sort out their queries at the earliest.

You should also make a special helpline number to sort out any financial transaction or fraud related issues which make the customers very nervous and anxious. Helping them within minutes of such an issue not only allows the window to alert the authorities and check the fraud but also prevents online shopping cheating complaint.


Now that you know the 3 time tested tips to prevent customer complaints it is time to implement them and make your online store the most trusted brand for your customers. Use these tips and build your online store on top ecommerce platform to provide a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Keeping your customers happy can greatly reduce customer complaints in future.

If you know of any more tips to prevent customer complaints, share them in our comments section.

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