Tip #1 Prevent Customer Complaints on your Online Store by Understanding Your Customers

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  • Tip #1 Prevent  Customer Complaints on your Online Store by Understanding Your Customers

In the very first blog of Preventing Customer Complaints, we introduced you to the 3 time tested tips that have helped online business owners address customer grievances and stop them before they happen. Now we bring for you Tip #1: Understanding your customer which forms the core of every successful business.

Understanding your customers and establishing a one to one connect with them is the first step towards building a loyal and happy customer base. Understanding the pain points of your customers gives you an insight into the types of customer complaints that might come up if certain gaps in your business are not bridged. There are certain factors which frustrate the customers and annoyed customers either complain or turn disloyal and move to other online stores. 

Let us see how to prevent your customers from being annoyed, 

Seamless Shopping Experience

Ensure your site works seamlessly as nothing irritates a customer more than a slow performing site. Offer smart search and easy navigation that help the customer to find out products quickly. Effortless shopping keeps customers happy and they keep coming back for more.

Make your checkout simple and secure. Offer as many payment options as you can so that the customer is not frustrated at the last point of conversion due to lack of payment options. 

Good site speed complemented with fast ordering process on various mobile devices and desktop keeps customers happy and results in fewer customer complaints reasons.

Product Images that look Real

An image is worth a thousand words. Make your product images speak for themselves. Keep them as close to real as you can. One major reason of customer frustration is product color or quality not matching the one displayed through images on the website. 

Avoid this situation by posting multiple images of the product giving a 360-degree overview of the product to the client. When products do not match with the images posted on the website, customers initiate the customer complaint procedure and often return the product or ask for a refund.  

User Generated Content

Allow scope for user generated content in form of product rating and reviews. Studies suggest  90% consumers read online reviews before landing on a webstore and 88% of them take reviews to be as good as personal recommendations. 

When customers see product reviews on your online store they trust your site as a genuine business that allows free speech and criticism. Even the negative customer reviews can be handled positively by answering them curtly and resolving. By having a complete third person certification of your products you can greatly reduce complaints. 

Keep Customers Informed

To avoid online shopping cheating complaint keep your customers informed at every step of the order procedure. Not having timely information makes many customers jittery and they
start feeling they have been cheated of their money. By informing the customers you maintain transparency and they are in the loop if there are any delays.

Maintain a set of auto emails that are sent at every important step of order process with complete details of the order. Also, let the customer support team follow customers personally to ensure the order reached them on time and whether they are satisfied with the whole process. Send auto emails and also follow up personally at important steps of the order process. 

Understanding Customer Needs

Understanding the customer psychology is very important to help them in the right way. Many times the customer support team gets frustrated by frequent and repeated queries of the customers. One wrong or annoyed reply from your support staff can give customer complaints reasons to your buyers.

Instead of getting annoyed by frequent customer queries the support team should be trained to understand the urgency or the need of the customer and be able to manage the requests in a gentle and friendly manner to avert customer complaints.


When you use one of the best ecommerce platforms many of the above issues like site performance, features to send auto emails to clients, option for user generated content, options for adding multiple product images are a part of the platform making it easy for you to keep your customer complaints at the minimum. 

Keep watching our blog section as very soon we would come up with Tip# 2 and Tip# 3 for preventing customer complaints on your ecommerce store.


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