5 telltale signs that your online web store is losing customer trust

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  • 5 telltale signs that your online web store is losing customer trust

Have you lately noticed that some of your frequent buyers are no longer ordering from your online web store? Has your traffic volume dwindled substantially and you are also facing slack sales season? Are your promotional offers not matching their earlier sales volume despite offering deeper discounts? Has the incidence of abandoned cart increased on your website? Have you ensured that your website is in top shape technically and still notice that customers are shying away from your business?

If you have answered YES to all the above, it’s a serious cause of worry for your business and you need to dig deeper to find the cause. If your discount offers and site functionality are in perfect shape the reason for lower sales could be loss of customer trust. 

Why customer trust is important?

Building customer trust is one of the first steps you take towards making your business a success. This becomes all the more important in the case of online selling websites where you do not have a physical presence. 
Customer trust forms the backbone of online business. Statistics show that loyal customers who keep coming back for repeat orders are the main reason for the success of any website. Customers keep returning as they trust you as a brand and love your products and services.

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The success of your online business is largely dependent on the trust of your customers and hence ignoring this can actually spell doom for your business. To ensure that your brand is trusted by your customers, let us look at the telltale signs which mean your customers no longer trust you;

1.Too many people talking negative about your brand

The day you build a store online and start selling, people do start talking about the quality of your product and services across various digital channels. Over a period of time, substantial evidence builds up which creates an online persona and reputation of your brand.
One easy way to check if your customers are losing their trust is to do a quick online reputation check. Do random search on keywords like “your store name + frustrated”, “your store name + grievance” and other similar words and see what comes up. If you find too much negative comment about your brand it’s one of the top reasons you might have been losing your customers lately.

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As an immediate measure start answering the cases where you can still do some damage control. This would help you in rebuilding your reputation.

2. Customer queries taking more than 24 hours to resolve

The performance of your customer support team goes a long way in building customer trust. A communication gap between your customers and your team can tarnish your reputation and cause serious damage to your business.
If you notice that the queries of your customers are not getting answered within 24 hours, it’s a clear indicator that you need to overhaul the processes and modus operandi of your support team. An inability to answer your customers promptly is a clear indicator that sooner or later your customers will lose trust in your brand.

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Many a difficult customer scenarios can be handled smoothly if you keep your customer informed and engaged using regular follow up mails.

3. Customer Feedback is not escalated to concerned department

Listening to what your customers have to say can benefit online selling websites in many ways. By listening to your customers you not only make them feel special but in turn also get their valuable feedback.
However, if the feedback is not escalated to concerned departments, it means you are unable to identify and plug in the loopholes. You end up losing customer trust eventually if they find themselves in a similar problem scenario despite reporting it to you once.
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Customer grievances when escalated timely to the right department can tie up many loose ends in your business and help you refine your processes.

4. Increased rate of returned goods

Have you seen a sudden spike in the rate of returned goods from your customers? This increase can be a clear indicator that you are failing grossly in building customer satisfaction. Customers mainly reject product for the following reasons;

  •  Incorrect product size
  •  Poor product quality
  •  Product is damaged
  •  Product did not meet expectation
  •  Customer did not match product description

If your products are not matching customer expectations and they find it poor quality or damaged it would certainly dent their trust and make them think twice before buying from your web store the next time.
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Ensure your products and your delivery process goes through regular quality checks to bring down the rate of returned and reshipped orders.

5. Delayed Deliveries

Keeping your promises is the first step towards building customer trust. Delayed deliveries are glaring proof that your brand has failed in building customer trust.
If your customers are regularly complaining about delayed deliveries, its high time you evaluated your logistics services and hard a serious word with your delivery partners.

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Delayed deliveries can seriously corrode customer trust despite timely order dispatch from your end. To avoid bad publicity and losing customers, keep your customers engaged if there is any delay in delivery beyond your control.  Also, double check the reliability and delivery performance of your logistics partners before partnering with them.


Like any relationship the customer- brand equation also needs constant involvement to sustain the bond.  If you keep fulfilling the promises made on your online web store and deliver the best quality products on time, your store earns customer trust and you keep your customers happy.
Every happy customer is like a brand ambassador for your store who promotes your online business.  Take care of the telltale signs to retain your customers’ trust in your brand.
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