Tip #2 Prevent Customer Complaints on your Online Store with Customer Service that Cares

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  • Tip #2 Prevent  Customer Complaints on your Online Store with Customer Service that Cares

In our previous blog, we have discussed how Understanding your customers can help you address customer grievances before they happen. Continuing our series on preventing customer complaints about online stores we bring for you the next part that deals with Customer Services which form the core of your brand’s customer relationships.

When you create an online store your prime focus is on scaling up rapidly to maximise sales and profit. But to retain old customers and engage new ones your customer services should be top notch. 

The team that provides support to customers should be trained and primed to understand that they are caring for their customers is their first and foremost duty. The customer support team is the first line of defense for any business. They are the first to come to know about any issues in your business or delivery chain directly through the customers.

Lets us see how your customer support team can help in negating the customer complaint procedure;

1. Value Customer Feedback

Your support team is the first to get feedback from the customers. Train your team to filter and analyze customer feedback as it gives the best insight of the health of your business. Any problem that is brewing up and has a chance to become a major issue is always reported by customers first. 

Since the support team is in constant touch with the customers they are the one who has direct access to customer feedback. The support team with its understanding and foresight to analyze and escalate the matter to seniors can help resolve the matter quickly.

2. Get to the Root of Problem

Once you get to know about an issue causing customer complaints reasons, find the root of the problem. The problem can range from something like operational issues, shipping delays or some other issue which is not directly under your control. 

Whatever be the matter, taking steps to stop it during the initial stages would need lesser effort and time than when the problem becomes full blown. This would save your business reputation and win customer trust which will stop complaints before they happen.

3. Log Customer Complaints

Build a robust system to track and log all your customer complaints reasons. Tracking customer complaints would keep a comprehensive record of issues and help in the fast resolution of the matter. Resolving customer complaints quickly keeps customer frustration under check. 

Keeping a log of complaints has another benefit, it reduces human error where a team member could miss a certain issue genuinely or use the excuse of missing the issue. When all the customer issues are tracked and resolved it automatically reduces and finally stops customer complaints due to delay in response time.

4. Additional Powers to Support Team

When you create an online store empower your support staff by giving them special privileges to tackle angry or upset customers.Create special discount codes or freebie offers that your support team can use in case of a customer is leaving your website frustrated or asking for a refund. 

Offering freebies will not only pacify and retain your customers but when used smartly by trained support staff can actually increase your sales. A smart support person can use this opportunity to upsell and cross-sell your product. This practice has the potential to stop complaints before they happen.

5. Improve Soft Skills

Work on the soft skills of your support team and train them to make each customer feel special. When customers feel they are given importance they remain happy and patient. They also cooperate with minor problems and don't register certain types of customer complaints. 

When customers trust your services and have a personal connect with your support team they know that your brand cares for them. They reciprocate this feeling by cooperating and do not get hyper with issues like delivery delays which are beyond the control of any eCommerce business.


Customer service is the backbone of any business and plays an important role in engaging, retaining and keeping the customer happy. Traffic is attracted to your store because of your product and your brand name but if the customer service is not satisfactory they first get annoyed and then finally leave your site never to come back again.

Reduce customer complaints reasons by providing an awesome customer service that stops customer complaints and keeps your customers loyal to your online business.

Keep reading our blog section as we are soon going to publish the 3rd and the final tip to prevent customer complaints.

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