How to respond to negative online product reviews

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  • How to respond to negative online product reviews

Negative product reviews are like ringing alarm bells for the growth of your online store. Every new business owner or for that matter an established entrepreneur should not take negative product reviews lightly as it can sound the death knell of an online business. This is because it is a proven fact that most of the online customers refer to product reviews before taking the final decision to buy a product. Negative reviews create a sense of insecurity and uncertainty in the minds of the customers and they will hesitate before taking the leap.

The E-commerce sector is largely driven by customers and thus, customer service is of utmost importance. Handling customer reviews and feedback professionally is one of the key aspects of customer service. Make sure to provide your customers with a seamless online shopping experience in order to win positive reviews and achieve success.

As an entrepreneur you certainly cannot welcome negative reviews about your product or service but at the same time you can’t turn a blind eye towards them. Whether it is your website or social media pages or a third party site, negative reviews and comments are like a blot on your brand and need to be handled immediately.

There is need to throw caution to the wind but no need to buckle under the pressure. Hereon, we will guide you how to prevent negative reviews in the first place, how to tackle them, and finally take a professional approach by accepting your faults and offering solutions, thereby, possibly converting your unsatisfied customers into potential happy ones.
Prevention is better than cure

The first & foremost is to prevent negative reviews coming your way. Keep a hawk’s eye on your social media pages, product quality & delivery as well as customer service. If you keep these issues under a constant check and offer a smooth online experience for your customers, you can certainly minimize negative feedback. Always keep on looking for new ways and means to keep your customers happy.

Agile Response

Be quick and agile to respond to a bad product feedback. Contact your customer as soon as possible and tell them you will promptly look into the matter. Ideally you should not let more than a day to lapse to respond to the feedback.

Do not delete the negative feedback

Nobody is perfect. Everyone commits mistakes and learns from them. Do not delete an undesirable comment. Take it in your stride and answer it with a collected mind. It shows that you are a considerate entrepreneur and take your customer response very seriously.  It proves that you are accountable,
open to face the challenges in order to further learn and grow. By retaining a valid negative feedback brings more transparency to your business.

Beware of trolls

There are some people who are deliberately putting negative comments. It can be your competitor spreading a rumour or your own dissatisfied employee spreading the false word. The comment should be meaningful and worth responding. If the comment is a troll just simply ignore it and do not escalate the matter.

Be polite & professional

When you respond to a negative feedback, do not burst in anger upon the person. Do not feel personal and maintain a highly professional approach. Try to tell them the reason for it and perhaps as a small compensation for the inconvenience faced by the customer, offer some discount coupon or any other offer. Perhaps, you can go a step further and send a small gift hamper. This will impress your customer and that person will send you a thank you comment! This will showcase your strength and is likely to win over more customers.

Understand customer’s perception

A customer puts in lot of effort to purchase a product and probably must have actually encountered a difficulty which led him to write a negative review. Think from your customer’s viewpoint. Understand his emotions and feelings on not getting the desired service. Empathize with them and tell them you care for their feelings.

Take responsibility & offer solutions
Own up for your mistake and take full responsibility for it.  Say that you are sorry and you will ensure the experience is not repeated for the customer. Get to the heart of the problem and figure out what went wrong. If you are able to resolve an issue at your end itself, it will send a positive vibe to the customer. Just in case you are not able to identify the reason for the problem, go ahead and clarify it with the customer. Do not hang in confusion and propose solutions to the problem. Also, follow up and examine if the solution offered worked well or not.

Customer Engagement

Always be actively engaged with your customers. Keep a tab on their feedback, feelings and experiences. Send them emailers to apprise them of new features and offers. In fact, you can even ask your most happy customers to write positive comments about your brand on social media pages or third party sites.

Take it as a constructive criticism

One always learns from mistakes and there is always room for improvement. A negative feedback is actually a valuable learning tool for every online entrepreneur. It helps to identify the problems and fix them. Just in case you are facing too much of flak, then it is time to reflect and resolve all the issues. Have a meeting with your staff and streamline the process. In this manner, none of the new customers will face the problem and eventually you will earn you the goodwill of the customers.  

Well, we are sure that with these handy tips you will be effectively able to handle the negative reviews and earn the goodwill of your customers. Did you find our post helpful? Please let us know in the comments below.


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