3 Time Tested Tips to Prevent Customer Complaints on your Online Store

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  • 3 Time Tested Tips to Prevent Customer Complaints on your Online Store

“Prevention is better than cure.”

This adage is of especial significance when it comes to customer complaints and addressing customer grievances on your online store. Preventing customer complaints is a smarter and wiser strategy for a business rather than trying to do damage control once the things go beyond control.

Customer complaint reasons can range between delayed response, issues with the product, delayed delivery to very serious issues like internet fraud.  Whatever be the reason, a customer complaint is always bad news and a major concern for any business. All complaints need to be addressed on a priority basis to avoid any damage to the brand reputation and the business as a whole. 

An angry customer can resort to publicising negative reviews about your business across various channels which can seriously impact your sales and repeat order prospects. Such negative reviews not only spread very fast through word of mouth but can also result in some more customers coming up with complaints about online retailers. 

Preventing Complaints before They Happen

Complaints give you an insight into the actual status of your business but it is always better if you can stop them before they happen. Sounds impossible but with a little foresight and some time-tested tips you can keep your customers happy with your product and services.

 Happy and satisfied customers are always willing to return to your web store and place repeat orders. Let us see how we can achieve this;

Tip#1 Understand Your Customers 

The most common types of customer complaints happen because online businesses fail to understand their customers and in turn frustrate the customers. Frustrated customers are not only difficult to handle but they might also become unreasonable if left unattended. 

Offering your customers effortless shopping and timely assistance with their queries can greatly reduce customer complaints and make your store a favourite among online buyers.

Tip#2 Caring Customer Service

Customer service is the face of your online brand. Since the customers do not interact with any live person while buying online, customer service becomes the only live contact for them. The customer support team is the representatives of your brand and they can work to check and control customer complaint procedure.

By caring for your customers and understanding the issues based on customer feedback, one can prevent customer complaints.

Tip#3 Make Your Brand the Best

To stand out in the fiercely competitive ecommerce world, you have to make your brand the best. When you stand out from the others and customers find your products and services flawless then they automatically don’t complain to you.

Be transparent with your customers and offer them the best support through a multi-channel system. Also, make your website design and content stand out so that the customers get a real life look and feel of your product.  When you build online store giving importance to these points you automatically reduce customer complaints.


The above presents a brief summary of the 3 time tested tips that stop customer complaints before they happen. To unlock the secret of each of these tips we will bring for you exclusive blog on each of the topics. These will contain elaborate tips and measures that will help you handle your customer complaints reasons in an efficient manner and handle customer grievance.

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