8 Features that Attract Customers to Your Easy to Use Marketplace Platform

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  • 8 Features that Attract Customers to Your Easy to Use Marketplace Platform

Do you want your eCommerce business to grow?

If your answer is affirmative, you need to constantly adhere to the new trends evolving in the eCommerce industry.

And this is where the importance of an easy to use marketplace platform comes into play!

An eCommerce marketplace is a place where an individual can find different brands of products coming from multiple vendors, or shops, showcased on the same platform.

And to make it a success, you must include essential features. 

But before heading to the features, let’s understand why listening to your customers is incredibly important.

  • 73% of eCommerce sales will take place on a mobile device by the end of 2021. (Statista, 2019).

  • Nearly 70% of digital shopping carts were abandoned due to the complex checkout process. (Statista)

  • More than 95% of customers prefer to consider product reviews before making a purchase.

Surprising…isn’t it?

To make your multi-vendor marketplace popular like Amazon, it’s important to include these essential features. 

Let’s discuss them in detail! 

8 Features that you must add to your Multivendor Marketplace to attract customers

1. Easy Navigation

Easy navigation can allow your customers to enjoy an amazing shopping experience. When moving from one place to another (from selecting an item to making the payment), your customers should love this experience.

2. Easy Checkout

For an easy to use marketplace platform, you must keep the checkout page short, simple, and attractive. This will help you generate more sales from the amount of traffic, leaving no one behind.

3. Order Tracking

When their order has been approved, processed, shipped, and/or ready for delivery, it’s good to notify your customers. This would help your customers to track their orders, giving a sense of excitement that their item is on way.

4. Multilingual/Multicurrency

Both of these features can allow shoppers to view the content in their preferred language and pay in their preferred currency. Doing so would significantly improve your customers’ experience and they would like to shop from you.

5. Multiple Payment Options

Ensure your offer your customers the freedom to choose a preferred mode of payment. When you include multiple payment options in your multi-vendor marketplace, this would add value to their experience and their trust on you would exponentially increase.

6. Mobile-Readiness

Did you know?

“Over 50% of customers use mobile devices to search for new brands and products”. 

Your multi-vendor marketplace must include mobile-first technology that would help roll-out performance and grow your business.

7. Special Offers & Customer Reviews

By adding promotional text, e.g. “discount” or “sale,” to your image, you can attract lots of customers to your platform. Make sure you add text directly on the image so more people could see it at first sight and likely to make a purchase.

8. Product Images

The images on your platform say a lot about your business!

Ensure that your images should tell a product story for your buyers. Since most channels allow you to submit multiple images, you can help them to interact with each other. 

Benefits of Starting a Multi vendor eCommerce marketplace

  • Lower Operation Cost

You don’t need to spend on designing products, maintaining inventories, or managing logistics.

  • Easy to Make Money

Marketplaces can make huge sales in no time as there are multiple products and customers. 

  • Significant Customers

With multiple sellers, an easy to use marketplace platform may attract significant customers. 

  • Inventory Maintenance isn’t Required

Each vendor is accountable for keeping their inventory.

This would ease the pressure involved in a startup, which is significant in the initial stages, and you can easily focus instead on other core operations while scaling up your business with focus and efficiency.

Incorporating the must-have features into your eCommerce platform can bring your exceptional business benefits.

Final Thoughts

There’s no arguing with the fact that any multi-vendor marketplace platform that packs the features mentioned above can be regarded as an ideal marketplace.

Entrepreneurs, these days, falling short on time because of cutthroat competition. Therefore, choosing a professional eCommerce solution would be a smart business decision.

And if you’re looking for a solution that offers an easy to use marketplace platform, there’s nothing better than StoreHippo!

We, at StoreHippo, use state-of-the-art tools and feature to create a robust multi-vendor marketplace for your business.  

Visit StoreHippo today and explore features essential for your multivendor marketplace platform. Know more about StoreHippo or Leave a comment to schedule a demo with StoreHippo experts.

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