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Ecommerce Insights - 4

Why M-commerce is important for your online business

Online buying journeys are no longer linear. 61% of online buyers start shopping on one device and finish on the other. Smartphones are their most preferred devices and mobile commerce is known to account for more impulse purchases and bigger ticket sizes. Building a strong online multi-channel presence via the mobile website, PWA stores and mobile apps helps enterprise brands create multiple touchpoints to connect with their customers. Mcommerce accelerates the growth of online brands and helps them collect more data and insights into customer behaviour. With m-commerce brands can penetrate even far-off markets which are otherwise difficult to reach as mobile is the only way for buyers in those regions to access ecommerce stores.

M-Commerce: Customer Preference Trends

  • 63% of mobile phone users prefer buying from a company owning a mobile app or mobile website

  • 50% of smartphone users prefer using a brand’s mobile website when browsing or shopping as they don't want to download the app

  • 80% of smartphone users have made at least one purchase using their mobile device in the last six months

  • 92% increase in ecommerce app sessions from 2017 to 2021, however, downloads have only grown by 11%.

  • 119% increase in average time spent by users on a site after installing PWA

Source: Google

Global M-Commerce Growth Trends

  • $700+ billion will be mobile commerce sales by 2025 

  • 27%  is mobile commerce market CAGR for 2021-2026

  • 72.9% of global retail e-commerce was to be generated via m-commerce in 2021, up from 58.9% in 2017

  • 78% of B2B brands believe that mobile commerce is a future driver of their industry

  • 3.8 trillion hours were spent using mobile apps during 2021 a 30% increase from 2019

Source: Statista, Mordor Intelligence, eMarketer, Google

Mobile commerce is the subset of e commerce that enables buying and selling of goods and services over wireless internet connections through handheld devices like mobile phones or tablets.
As mobile penetration increases, the demand to build and manage businesses on mobile devices also increases. These mobile channels allow businesses to connect better with buyers and reach new markets. With PWA stores and mobile apps businesses can reach far-off markets, even those with low internet connectivity, and offer a better experience to the buyers with convenient, fast and engaging mobile ecommerce software.
E-Commerce activities are performed on desktops, computers and laptops, whereas m-commerce activities are performed with the help of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Building m-commerce sites gives a competitive edge to businesses as they can reach more buyers in diverse markets.
Progressive Web App or PWA is a web application that combines the benefits and offerings of modern web and native apps to deliver an app-like experience to users on all devices. It delivers such a smooth, seamless and uniform user experience that it becomes difficult to differentiate between a PWA store or an original mobile app.
Yes, PWA stores can be accessed anywhere, anytime even on entry-level mobile devices. With the offline mode, users can also continue browsing even in low or no connectivity zones.
Yes, with StoreHippo you can create fast and intuitive Android as well as iOS apps directly from your dashboard without any coding. You can start getting more footfalls and higher conversions by using your mobile apps along with a regular website.
Yes, StoreHippo’s multi-currency feature is supported in mobile apps as well. The users can choose to pay in the currency of their choice thus helping you to maximize your ROI.