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Mobile Commerce Applications

What Is Mobile Commerce Applications

Mobile commerce applications are software that enable buying and selling of goods and services over wireless internet connections through mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. Simply put, e commerce mobile applications bring the online store right to your smartphones and enable you to buy or sell products and services on the go.

The ease and convenience offered by shopping through smartphones have made it the preferred shopping option for millions of online buyers. Research suggests that up to 70% of ecommerce retail sales take place on smartphones. 

Why You Should Get  Mobile Commerce Applications For Your Online Business

Mobile is where your customers are. With over 70% online purchases taking place through smartphones, having e commerce mobile applications for your business is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Apps being the most preferred shopping channel of online buyers give your business the following advantages:

  • Reach a wider audience base even in smaller towns and cities where ecommerce is otherwise inaccessible
  • Gives better user experience as they are fast, convenient, interactive and engaging
  • Creates a new marketing channel as your can gather detailed input based on user behaviour
  • Mobile commerce applications use push notifications to create better user engagement
  • Personalized  and targeted marketing opportunities boost sales as well as ticket size
  • Faster purchase as customers can order in just a few clicks instead of waiting for the site to load 
  • Reduces cost and improves marketing effectiveness, improving efficiency and giving better marketing ROI 

StoreHippo is built grounds up on the mobile-first approach.  This means that building mobile-ready sites and offering mobile commerce development was the guiding principle and not an afterthought. All stores powered by StoreHippo are inherently mobile-ready and you do not have to spend additional time or effort to build and maintain a mobile version of your ecommerce website.

Fastest Way To Build Mobile Commerce Applications With StoreHippo

StoreHippo offers inbuilt mobile commerce app builder using which you can easily create Android as well as iOS apps. The process is simple and straightforward and you need not write any code for building your e commerce mobile applications.

Both platforms Android and iOS platforms have a different build. Hence, the process of building both types of apps is also different for both platforms. Here are the five steps that you need to follow to build your e commerce mobile applications: 

Step 1:Register on the respective app stores(Android or iOS) for which you need to create the apps     

Step 2:Generate “Signing Keys” (which are basically signed certificates that verify you are a trusted user and let you publish and distribute your app on the respective platforms).

Step 3:Upload “Signing Keys” on StoreHippo

Step 4: Create a mobile commerce application build  (here you enter the details about  your app which includes title, package, version, description, theme, domains, icon and splash images, push notifications, plugins, social logins etc.)

Step 5: Publish mobile app on respective app stores

That’s it. There you are done with creating your apps using StoreHippo’s mobile commerce app builder. Now promote your app by offering special deals to your customers and boost your sales through this new channel.

Tips To Boost Sales With Mobile Commerce Applications

 E commerce mobile applications are known to increase customer engagement. However, just developing an app would not ensure you start getting more sales. To get the maximum benefit of your mobile presence you should implement the following:

  • Create an attractive design that gives a seamless user experience
  • Enable multiple payment options to make checkouts simple
  • Offer special discounts and offers to loyal customers
  • Incorporate the latest trends to stay ahead of competitors(chatbots, one-click purchase etc.) 
  • Communicate and collaborate with your customers using notifications
  • Send real-time offers to upsell or follow up abandoned checkouts
  • Incorporate social sharing to boost chances of referral orders through mobile commerce applications

Along with enabling you with hybrid mobile commerce app builder, StoreHippo also offers a host of features and tools that make all the above possible. You can use the drag and drop tools to build the most engaging app design and offer 50+ payment options to your customers. With unified notifications( push, SMS, emails) you can keep your customers engaged and notified. 

You can also offer multi-level discounts with the powerful discount engine and enable auto follow up for abandoned cart orders. You can also add social sharing, customer reviews etc. to sell your brand better using word of mouth.

Why Choose StoreHippo To Build Your Mobile Commerce Applications 

StoreHippo mobile-ready ecommerce platform is built on the next-generation technology stack that gives B2B and B2C businesses a head start. The pioneers of using PWA(Progressive Web Apps) for Ecommerce, all stores powered by us are PWAs. This means, your ecommerce website looks, feels and works like a readymade ecommerce app across devices. 

PWA stores help you with mobile-first indexing and make your site discoverable. Also, your sites are faster and engaging with app-like features. These ecommerce websites work seamlessly even on entry-level devices

With StoreHippo you need not take the additional pain of mobile commerce development.  You can get your Android and iOS apps ready right from the admin of your online store without any coding. Along with this, you get a host of features to help you maximize the benefits of m-commerce.

Ready to race ahead of the competition with StoreHippo’s mobile-ready, fully hosted and managed ecommerce platform? Check the other successful ecommerce websites that have taken a lead in mobile commerce development with StoreHippo.  Explore our platform by starting your 14-day free trial now.