5 Not To Miss Online Shopping Forecasts for 2019

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  • 5 Not To Miss Online Shopping Forecasts for 2019

2018 has been a year of many trendy e-commerce strategies. From studying online shopping patterns to offering multiple channel customer support, things have completely grown to the next level. The customers have new options to get better services from the retailers. On the other hand, retailers are now more connected to the customers. This year was all about technological improvements in the e-commerce platforms. But now as the year is about to end, it makes us all wonder, what 2019 has stored for us?

Being part of this industry don’t you think you can predict a few obvious changes? Well, there are some expected game changers we all can be sure of. This upgrade will have an immense impact on the industry and will decide the future trends your business should adopt. This article will give you an insight into the online shopping sites, their trends and future predictions. Be ready and open yourself to the changes, the retail industry may witness over the coming months.

So let us dive-in and get ourselves future ready!

New Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is a tempting platform and the retail industry knows it. How many times has it happened that while scrolling your feed you come across a pretty dress or a decorative item? You swiftly click the buy now button to check the details, don’t you? You may even buy stuff if you are an impulsive buyer. Well, that’s social media marketing in short.

But in future, Social media will change the means of customer interaction and online marketing. The retailers can no longer simply post product pictures on their social media pages. They will have to level up their game with more interactive and engaging content in order to influence the customers. Black hat SEO will no longer fetch customers for your online shopping site. Things will get more transparent from now. The use of features like Facebook live and Instagram stories will be your dart that targets conversions and successful marketing.

To keep your business aligned with future trends, focus on getting an e-commerce solution that integrates well with social media platforms. With StoreHippo you can easily sync social media platforms with your retail stores. You can introduce new discount schemes, extract customer information and implement other marketing strategies. So get ready to give wings to your innovative ideas.

Data Analysis and decision making

It’s no secret how important data is for any business. Used in the right way it can help your business launch new products lines and win new customers.

Data will play a very crucial part in online shopping. It will help in decision-making and studying the customer patterns. Using this strategy you can easily come up with exciting combo deals and cross-selling options. The progressive retail stores will treat data as a currency that fetches more conversions. The future will have data-driven sales, marketing and multichannel customer support. The market influencers have already adapted to Big Data and machine learning in their stores, to optimize routes for home deliveries.

Upgrade your online shopping site with the latest technology trends to be at pace with time. Using sophisticated retail reporting feature you can grab all the data you will need for analytical purpose.

Using such features you will see what customers like, or what they want. That’s where data makes all the difference. You get to know extra about customers habits and you can plan a step further to for better customer relations. With StoreHippo you will easily be able to use data to its best.

Go Mobile

Do you remember how many online orders you placed using your mobile in the last 6 months? You certainly don’t as almost all your orders are placed on mobile. Who doesn't like the ease of surfing, choosing and making one-click mobile orders!

Gone are the days when people opened their computers for an online shopping spree. The future world is driven by the idea of being mobile. With this comes the next forecast that predicts a subtle future trend – the mobile responsive retail store. Although this feature is the current trend and most of the stores have it. It is the store optimization and responsiveness on mobile devices that will make all the difference.

The stores will be more organized for mobile users in the coming months. There will be no responsive issues and the interface will be more user-friendly. Opt for an e-commerce solution that is mobile friendly and is designed to optimize themselves according to different mobile models. It will not only give high speed to your online shopping site but also promise higher conversion rates.

Customized Products will thrive

There are times when you like a designer dress but you don't like the colour. You like a watch dial, but the strap doesn't suit your style. What if you are given the freedom to customize your own products. Amazing, isn't it?

Customization is and will always be a major retail trend. No, I’m not talking about putting names on marketing emails or put a customized message on coffee mugs. It is beyond that. I’m referring to the personalization of products and entirely customizing them. This feature not only makes things exciting for customers but also provide the desired shopping standard. Imagine you are being given an option to design your own purse or T-shirt.

Exciting, isn’t it? The future holds an entirely next level of online shopping customization.

Make sure you have an e-commerce solution that provides these features. If not advanced, a basic plug-in at least, so that in future you can incorporate it on a bigger scale. StoreHippo lets you empower your customers with their own choices. It offers the next level personalization that will keep you at power with the latest trends.

Flexible retail store format (Scaling)

The slightest change in fashion trends also affects the online store. Imagine you have an online watch store. The sale of watches has reduced with time. What if you want to add a new accessory section to the store to increase your revenue. Is your store flexible enough to support that?

The conventional, one-size-fits-all format will no longer be essential. The times have changed. The vendors now seek costume tailored platforms for online shopping sites. Keeping this requirement in mind, there will be plenty of new store formats to fill the gap between supply and demand. The inventory management system will also change with the change is store management. The one feature that will remain the same is, “Scalability”. No matter which format you use, your store should be flexible enough to stand any change in the market.

So apart from providing basic support, your e-commerce solution should adapt to your flexible store format. StoreHippo enables your store, to practice scalability along with features that also manage the inventories well.

We all know Darwin’s theory of evolution - survival of the fittest. The same applies to the online shopping business. The one, who familiarizes with the changing trends, excels. It is about how quickly you adapt to the changing scenarios of the e-commerce industry. The retailers, who focus on delivering the best solutions to their customers, always prosper. Evolution of trends goes parallel with customer satisfaction.


Businesses are getting smarter and more oriented to target audiences. But one thing that remains constant in this online shopping industry is change itself. Technology keeps upgrading, priorities keep shifting, and client need reasons to convince themselves to buy more. This is where you get into the picture. Give them the reasons they need. Get your business future-ready, now!

StoreHippo is an e-commerce service platform that offers a diverse solution to all your business needs. It offers amazing features that make retail store management, easy, simple and efficient. Upgrade your retail store and go future proof. Drop us an e-mail at [email protected] or book a demo with our exports.

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