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Ecommerce Business Use Case - 18

Create A Vertical Multi Vendor Marketplace

You want to build a Purplle* like vertical or niche products multi vendor marketplace selling a specialized range of cosmetics and beauty products. You onboard retailers and sellers selling different brands of cosmetics from your niche product range. You offer different prices to your makeup products buyers based on the retail or wholesale purchase. You also have membership plans and paid members get the cosmetic products at discounted prices.

Business Requirements

You want to be able to:

  • Onboard sellers for your niche product range like cosmetics 
  • Offer different pricing for your makeup products to your paid and regular customers
  •  Add forms for getting bulk beauty products orders from customers or other businesses
  • Implement multi-level discounts based on makeup brands, product line, order size etc.
  • Streamline delivery of cosmetics product orders 

StoreHippo has the solution with a multi vendor ecommerce functionality

With StoreHippo, you will be able to:

  • Onboard and manage vendors for niche products like cosmetics using an inbuilt multi-vendor marketplace solution
  • Implement login based differential pricing for premium and regular members buying makeup products.
  • Use inbuilt and custom forms to get cosmetics bulk order requirements
  • Add multiple discounts and coupons for makeup brands using inbuilt discount engine
  • Streamline multi-product cosmetics order deliveries with the integrated delivery partner or use built-in delivery boy module for manual shipments

*Purplle are the registered trademark of their respective companies. StoreHippo does not claim any alliance with this trademark.