How to write compelling business blog for your online retail store?

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  • How to write compelling business blog for your online retail store?

Blogging is not optional but mandatory if you want to sell products online and be successful in your business.Showing an evident preference for fresh, relevant and informative content  Google and other search engines have made it clear that you need to keep updating your website with content to survive in the ecommerce industry.
If your business is unable to capitalize on this trend, you can lag behind and lose to your competitors very soon. A well thought content strategy with blogging at its core is the key to establish a reputation for your online brand.
Regardless of the vertical and the size of an online business, blogging should be  an integral part of your marketing and content plan. It gives you rich dividends eventually some of which are:

  • Drives organic traffic to your online web store
  • Helps with SEO and ranks your business high on SERP
  • Makes your brand famous and talked about on various digital channels
  • Helps in infusing customer trust and building better customer relationships

Why write your own blog posts?

It comes as a surprise to many entrepreneurs when we suggest them to write their own blogs. No you don’t need to write all your blogs, but writing a few would certainly do good to your business.
Firstly, nobody understands your business, its challenges, its future and your vision better than you. This makes you the ideal person to write about it.
Secondly, if you are a startup and have invested heavily  in building the most advanced website, creating your own content helps you save funds for other crucial resources.
Thirdly, content related research helps you in understanding your business better.

  Help I just can’t write something coherent!

Don’t have a writer in you?  Hard pressed for time? Clueless where and how to begin?
Not an issue at all!
You can be the best student of the most prestigious institute but still blogging could be the last thing you want to try your hands at. Putting your thoughts on paper and make it engaging is a skill not many of us possess.
Instead of creating sub-standard content which is not going to help your SEO and content strategy, hire a content team to write blog for your online web store.  Go for professionals who have a flair and passion for writing.

  Get started with content creation for your online business

Content rules the digital world and we already know that you can rank on top of Google by using your content effectively.
Not made a content plan yet? No need to panic, it is never too late to begin.
We bring for you a well-designed plan of action that will help you get started on your content strategy  in no time.

Checklist for writing the top business blog

Writing a blog becomes fun and easy if you have a handy guideline for the steps to follow. Even if you do not write your blog posts, knowing the basics of blog writing will help you understand, analyze and manage the requirements of your content team in a much better way.
To help you write or manage your blogging, StoreHippo (link to homepage) content specialists bring for you a simple 10-point action plan :
Follow the given procedure to create engaging, unique and informative blog posts:
1.    Create a compelling headline that engages your readers and makes your blog clickable.
2.    Add keywords to your headline to make it SEO worthy
3.    Write an engaging introduction to engross readers of your eCommerce blog
4.    Explain the subject in the body and provide a conclusion in the end
5.    Add Sub-headings in body part to enhance readability
6.    Write short paragraphs and add bullets instead of long paragraphs
7.    Do spelling and grammar check to ensure correct structure and quality
8.    Interlink blog with other blogs or pages of your website
9.    Conclude with a call to action for writing comments or queries
10.  Create image or info graphics that explains your blog at a glance


Now that you have the basics laid out for your try your hands at writing or check the content produced by your team on the above parameters to see how well they fair. If any of the above 10 points is not taken care of, you will fall short of creating a top business blog.
Keep watching our blog section as we are going to publish Handy tips for creating brand identity by blogging in our next post.
Leave a comment below if you have comments or need further tips on any topic.

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