How a T-shirt company is jazzing up the lives of music lovers ever since moving to StoreHippo

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  • How a T-shirt company is jazzing up the lives of music lovers ever since moving to StoreHippo

What do you need to be happy? A cup of steaming coffee, hair let loose and your favorite music that charges you up and transcends you into another world. Sounds like Your storey, doesn’t it! Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could even wear your favorite music wherever you go?

Welcome to Bandadda – The webstore that  is selling t-shirts and other stuff exclusively for music buffs !! Started by Pratik Gupta, this novel idea is making music lovers flaunt their musical style and wear their band’s theme as an ensemble.

How did the idea for Bandadda come up?

Pratik Gupta- A hardcore music lover came up with the idea when he was spending an evening with likeminded friends who lived, breathed and had music filling every aspect of their lives.

Why Bandadda?

Bandadda allows music buffs to explore their choices of printed t-shirts, caps, bandanas and other accessories. It is the one stop online store for all the fashion needs of music maniacs. Bandadda firmly believes, “the music you hear, that you wanna show and wear”.

The Journey of Bandadda

The journey of Bandadda began because it’s founders believed that every music lover has the music running in their blood. When Pratik decided to begin his entrepreneurship journey the only idea that made him move forward was his passion and obsession for music. This was a direct from heart venture that allowed him to set up a webstore that fueled creativity and catered to the fashion preferences of music aficionados.

The Requirements and Key Challenges

Bandaada started on Zepo, but the e-commerce platform was falling short of fulfilling many of the basic requirements of this unique webstore. The Team at Banadda had a brainstorming session and decided to move on to a futuristic platform that ensured the following for their business:

  • Took complete care of the technical aspect of the webstore
  • Helped create mobile friendly store to gain competitive edge
  • Gave seamless shopping and user experience
  • Allowed to create multi-tier categories
  • Was scalable and facilitated upload of any number of products
  • Was SEO and social media friendly
  • Improved traffic and reduced bounce rate
  • Gave boost to sales by better visitor engagement
  • Made backend management easy to understand and manage
  • Provided easy solutions for payment and logistics


MEAN stack, mobile first e-commerce platform- StoreHippo


The Bandadda team decided to move to the mobile ready e-commerce platform StoreHippo after reviewing the end to end solutions provided by our group.

This is what Pratik has to say after the decision to move, “After switching to Storehippo we realized that This was the best decision our team has ever made in our entrepreneur journey. This platform has given us the confidence that we can focus on our growth and rest of the technical things will be taken care by Storehippo Support team.”


Bandadda’s experience after moving from Zepo to StoreHippo was amazing and in the team’s own words they got the following advantages:

  • The user experience of the website has increased
  • Our traffic has increased by 25 percent that too in just 3 months. Yes!
  • Storehippo is scalable for any number of products.
  • Website performance is so good, that even on mobile platform user don’t find it difficult to use the support team is really capable to answer every query which has come in our way and they have provided the best solution to our problems
  • Whatever enhancement you ask in the website, they just do it for you, "They never say no"
  • For people who have started with a non-technical background, Storehippo will be the best solution to their Startup Ideas
  • We are utilizing all the features of Storehippo to their optimum potential.
  • After switching to Storehippo from ZEPO, we saw increase in the traffic and Interactions with the user
  • Our page Views per session has increased by 200%.
  • Bounce rate has decreased by 80% to 85%
  • The order management of Storehippo and the customer login account are really handled very well
  • The technical architecture of StoreHippo is amazing and we are very happy with it

The StoreHippo Experience

“This is one of the best part. I never saw this much of support in Zepo. Also I have discussion with my other friends who are into similar activities but from other platforms. My website is doing best because our each and every query and modification request has been answered. As time passed by we keep doing enhancement and our website keeps improving the user experience. So you can say for people who are not from technical background can use maximum potential of the platform and get into the business easily.  “   -  Bandadda Team

Customer Speak

“For people who have started with a non-technical background, Storehippo will be the best solution to their Startup Ideas. Their technology solution makes for a really great mobile experience for the customers. They never say no and resolve your queries within time and 100% to your satisfaction. We have recommended them to friends keen on developing their online store and would keep doing so in future.”

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