8 reasons to secure your online Business with StoreHippo SSL encryption for e commerce

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  • 8 reasons to secure your online Business with StoreHippo  SSL encryption for e commerce

Ensuring comprehensive web security has always been a top priority for Google. With the aim to make secure and encrypted connections a common practice, Google called for “HTTPS everywhere” in 2014  and started using SSL certificate installation as a ranking signal in its search ranking algorithms. In simpler terms, if your website switches from HTTP to HTTPS and by adding an SSL certificate you have a better chance of ranking higher on Google SERPs.

Why so much focus on SSL?

With the growing penetration of internet, the volume of online transactions and data exchanges over the world wide web has increased manifold. In such a scenario, cyber theft is a real risk and a matter of great concern for online shoppers and web users. To safeguard the interests of web users Google wants SSL encryption for eCommerce to become an essential part of every website.

Starting from January 2017, Google is going to mark all HTTP sites that collect passwords or credit card details as non-secure. Adding an SSL to a website ensures a safe and encrypted connection between browsers and servers and gives credibility to your business as a trusted online store.

Why does your online store need FREE SSL certificate from StoreHippo to ensure web security?

In its effort to provide complete eCommerce solutions to its clients, StoreHippo now offers FREE SSL for all the stores powered by our platform. Here are top 8 reasons why you should go for the FREE SSL issues by StoreHippo;

Winning Customer Trust

Having a green address bar with a padlock symbol gives the assurance to your customers that your business is safe and they do not hesitate in sharing their financial details and card info online. When you create an online store that has the confidence of your buyers you are priming your business for success and higher sales.

Top Google Rank

With the new norms of Google, just having an  HTTPS can get your website an improved ranking in the SERP pages. This can improve your organic traffic and thus help in increasing your sales.Not having this layer of security can show a browser alert to the buyers that your online store is not safe thus scaring them away from your store.

No Verification Required

The standard process to get SSL certification requires verification of your domain and business before the certificate is issued. However, since we already collect your business details while setting up your store there is no need to go through the process again.

Issued in Minutes

StoreHippo SSL is issued within minutes by adding your website details. All you need to do is, log to your dashboard and provide your domain name and registered email id under the “SSL Certificate” section. Within few clicks, you get your copy of SSL certificate that ensures the security of your online business.


StoreHippo offers you best SSL certificate for eCommerce completely free of cost. Whatever be your subscription plan, we ensure that you run a safe and trusted business right from the very first day. Even if you have more than one domains or online store powered by StoreHippo you can get a free copy of SSL for each of your domains.

Auto Renewal

SSL certificates are issued for a certain period of time which typically ranges from one year to three years. After this time the SSL certificate expires and you have to purchase and renew the certificate. However, StoreHippo gives you complete freedom from this process by ensuring auto-renewal of your SSL encryption for eCommerce.

HTTP and HTTPS supported Themes

StoreHippo themes provide support for protocol-relative URLs. This helps in avoiding Mixed Content warnings and gives you the freedom to switch between https and HTTP easily.

Auto redirection from HTTP to HTTPS

StoreHippo’s  easy to use and free of cost SSL also carries the advantage of auto redirection from https to https.  Using it you can enforce the use of https on your store by setting auto redirection from HTTP to HTTPS. The advantage of this redirection is that even when your customers type your website URL with HTTP they will be automatically redirected to https pages. This simple redirection eliminates the canonical and duplicate page errors for your site thus helping with SEO and Google rankings.


With the growing threat of cyber crimes, ensuring website security is a major concern for all the users as well as website owners.

All the above pointers clearly indicate that StoreHippo’ s Free SSL is an ultimate solution for securing the websites, online transactions for eCommerce, and other sensitive information of customers stored on your website.

Open a FREE trial store with StoreHippo and try out the amazing features of the advanced eCommerce platform along with the FREE SSL for yourself.


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