Why SSL encryption for e commerce websites is a must have feature?

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  • Why SSL encryption for e commerce websites is a must have feature?

Ever wondered what is the proven way to make your webstore a trusted shopping spot for your customers? Do you have that additional “s” in your web address? Are you aware that you might be driving potential customers away by not having an SSL certificate and the secure padlock symbol in your address bar?

Research proves that having a secure site can multiply your ROI and boost your sales many times. That small “s” in your online store’s web address translates into “SECURE” for your visitors. It promises web security and gives your customers the confidence to share their confidential information online.

Every online shopper is aware of the risks involved in sharing their card and bank details while making online transactions. A website which is not secured by a security certificate puts the customers at risk of having their confidential information stolen or hacked. Having an SSL certificate on your webstore guarantees the safety of the critical and confidential information of your clients.

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What is SSL encryption for e commerce and how does it work?
SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer which is a method to encrypt data while it travels through different servers and networks over the internet before being registered at the desired location. Simply put, when you input your card details at the source (online store) it is encrypted and sent as a code over the internet. This encryption ensures that even if someone tries to hack your confidential data they get a garbage value which is of no use. This process ensures web security and minimizes the chances of any potential data theft.

Why does your online store need SSL?
Typically, any data and information that can cause financial loss, lead to identity theft, legal issues or compromises privacy should be protected with a reliable web security tool. All such information whether it is related to an individual or an organization, while being transferred online, should be sent through a secure and encrypted channel.Some of the cases where data protection is a must are given below:

  • Securing passwords and logins which give access to restricted information.
  • Online orders, bank accounts,online wallets or any other financial transaction.
  • Sensitive data related to ID cards, medical history, social security numbers (PAN, Aadhaar etc.) birth dates, license, income details etc.
  • Legal documents, client agreements or any other confidential information.
  • As an additional measure to provide security, you can protect all customer account areas.

If your e-commerce store is dealing in any of the above, it is imperative to have your site secured with security certificate.

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What is the process to get SSL certification?

  • You can purchase it from your domain provider.
  • Almost all the major domain providers like Godaddy provide you an SSL as a combo deal on domain purchase. They also assist you with your queries regarding, how to add SSL certificate in website.
  • These certificates have different validity periods and can range from 1 year to 3 years.
  • The cost also varies depending on the time as well as the security features. The low priced certificates (in range of Rs. 5,000 - 7,000) have fewer security features as compared to high priced ones (up to Rs. 1lakh) which provide enhanced malware support, identity verification etc.
  • You can also add self-signed certificates, but these are not fully trusted by browsers and hence give a security warning to the customer.

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How is SSL integrated to any website?

StoreHippo’s team assists all its storeowners in selecting the best SSL encryption for e commerce. The following steps are needed to make the certificate fully functional on your store:

  • Purchase the security certificate from a reliable vendor.
  • Share the details of the certificate with Storehippo and our technical team will install it on your server, which makes the secure “HTTPS” connection functional.
  • We configure your store in a way that it can use the SSL certificate wherever necessary.

That’s it and you have a website that will infuse trust in your customers and make them coming back to your online store.

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Tip: Please ensure that any changes to your domain details or business details are done before SSL encryption for e commerce is activated on the webstore. Once activated you cannot change these details until the certificate expires.

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