3 Must-have Features in your SaaS-based Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

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  • 3 Must-have Features in your SaaS-based Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

When you decide to launch an online marketplace for your business, you can do it in two ways – either host the website on a physical server or host it on a cloud. A lot of businesses in the current times have opted for SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platforms instead of setting up in-house software on their systems. This is because of the benefits associated with a cloud-based ecommerce platform, like lower set up costs, easy maintenance, etc.

A cloud-based marketplace platform has many features that provide it with an edge over on-premise software.

The top 3 features that you must have in your SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform are:

1. Easy Integration and Set Up

You don’t need to know coding and other technical stuff to set up your online marketplace. SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platforms come with ready-made templates and themes that you can use to build your store. StoreHippo offers turnkey ecommerce solutions so that you can skip the hassles of installation and maintenance of a custom-built application on your device. Its features are easy for all levels of users to understand and use. It even allows you to customise the themes to meet your business requirements. Moreover, you do not need to take care of upgrades and security issues. With all these aspects taken care of, you will have all the freedom to focus on your core business.

The best part about setting up your multi vendor marketplace through StoreHippo is delivery time. You can set up your ecommerce store within days and get started with the business!


2. Cost Efficiency

Setting up an ecommerce website using a cloud-based marketplace platform is a much more cost-efficient plan than developing a custom application for it.

First of all, the set-up cost would be significantly low, as you won’t have to put money on developing a personalised software, buying hardware required for it, on hosting and infrastructure, and on employing specialists to handle the IT requirements.

Secondly, using a SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace platform will help reduce maintenance and upgrade costs significantly, as these things will be taken care of by the software automatically.


3. Customization/Scalability

While we might not go for a custom-built software to develop our multi seller online store, we would still like to have control over how our website looks and works, won’t we? That is where customisation comes into picture.

StoreHippo provides a host of features for its users to customise their marketplace as per their preferences. This means you don’t have to browse through hundreds of templates to find one that has the exact features you want. Instead, you can choose an appealing template and customise it according to your requirements and preferences.

For example, if you’re building a multi vendor marketplace, you might want to review the items that your vendors are selling. Similarly, if you have an international market, you might want to use multiple languages and currencies as per the location. StoreHippo gives you the freedom to make your online store look and work exactly like you want.

Another important aspect is scalability. When you start a new marketplace, the customer base is less. But as the business grows, the requirements will grow too. SaaS-based ecommerce platforms offer the flexibility of scaling the services up and down as per your requirements.

For example, if your website attracts more traffic during an annual sale, you can scale up your server requirements so that the website remains stable even when the traffic is high, and scale them down after the sale season is over.

Cloud-based marketplace platforms are advantageous over custom-built platforms because they allow you to make changes on your website as and when you require. In a custom-built platform, you would have to get changes made in the software, which will require additional time, effort, and costs. Whereas, in turnkey ecommerce solutions provided by SaaS-based marketplace platforms, all these options are already there.



Cloud-based ecommerce platforms reduce set-up efforts, operational costs, and offer flexibility in the features to be added.

They also offer the benefit of easy integration of other software. You can integrate different software for logistical functions, multiple payment channels, and software to manage your taxes, ERP, and CRM.

StoreHippo is an advanced builder that has 300+ inbuilt features. Whether you wish to build a multi vendor marketplace like Amazon, a grocery store like Big Basket, or a hyperlocal food marketplace like Zomato, StoreHippo has comprehensive solutions for your exact business needs. So, what are you waiting for? If you have an ecommerce idea, visit StoreHippo’s website and get started right away!

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