How StoreHippo helped 3 businesses Make it big with multi-vendor ecommerce website

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  • How StoreHippo helped 3 businesses Make it big with multi-vendor ecommerce website

Ever wondered what is the one single factor that helped Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and similar names make it big in the online retail industry? What was it that drove customers to these sites and made them come back over and over again? Well, the answer is simple! These online portals turned the visitors into loyal customers by offering them choices galore on their multi-vendor online marketplace.

The concept of an online store having multiple products and sellers has taken the ecommerce business many steps ahead. It virtually creates a grand mall where customers choose, compare and buy the desired product. The customers can pick diverse products and add them all to the same shopping cart which is finally shipped by various vendors.

Why multi-vendor ecommerce website is a virtual Goldmine?

This environment is a win-all scenario. Every party involved here is a winner- the customer gets the best products, the vendor gets a ready to use platform with constant traffic and orders and the marketplace owner earns commission on every order. By bringing together multiple vendors on the same platform, it creates a network of resources which also simplify the logistics and operations. It gives total control to the business owner who can easily manage the products and vendors from a common backend.

Why don’t we see more of such e-commerce portals despite the obvious  benefits?

To create a multi-vendor site from scratch is a herculean task given the amount of time, money and resources needed for it. Even if a business has all these resources streamlining them and getting a fully tested bug free platform can take ages. The most experienced  developers would need time and detailed brainstorming sessions to come up with all possible real time scenarios for such an environment.

So, if an online retail business starts with a half baked cake type of multi seller portal , it is highly likely that instead of getting the benefits of the set up the business will earn bad reputation. Imagine a scenario, where the system fails to add different commission levels for the vendors or shipping cost for different items from the different vendors, or discounts on products. Also, to sell products online the end user should have a seamless shopping experience and should not find the ordering process complex or involving too many steps.
If the whole ordering process becomes complex, instead of getting the benefits the business might incur losses. This will eventually drive away your traffic to competitors who offer a simple and seamless shopping experience. Given the above facts most online retailers take the calculated risk of going with a simple online store instead of much lucrative multi vendor set up.

The StoreHippo solution to help create a multi-vendor site in no time!

StoreHippo is committed towards providing a future ready e-commerce solution for its clients. Hence, our team of experts developed a fully functional multi seller feature which allows online businesses to extend their website into a flourishing marketplace. This is done by a simple procedure where the client raises a request and our support team quickly upgrades your store into a multi-vendor online shop.

Some of the important features that we provide go as below:  

  • Allows vendors to add, edit, upgrade products by logging in.
  • Vendor dashboard for easy understanding of inventory and order status.
  • Full control of vendor activities by admin/ store-owner.
  • Allows setting up flexible Commissions which can be fixed or percentage wise.
  • Keeps store owner, vendors and customers informed with email and SMS notifications at various activity levels.
  • Allow vendor specific shipping charges and discounts.
  • Allow vendors to manage their orders and ship their products.
  • Comprehensive Vendor ledger to track the payments/receivables for Vendors.
  • Support for manual and automated payouts to vendors.
  • Complete history of orders, payments, COD cycle etc..
  • Unique vendor profile page for each vendor.
  • Provides support for almost any type of product or services.
  • Multi-vendor ecommerce theme that creates visually attractive stores.
  • Mobile ready platform allows tapping in maximum traffic.
  • SEO and social media friendly features to increase reach and create branding.

How StoreHippo’s multi-vendor ecommerce platform helped 3 businesses carve a niche!

We bring for you 3 Success Stories where the store owners converted their store into a marketplace to increase their reach and give a boost to their sales:


This multi seller website offers wholesale and retail shopping for mobile, computers, books, daily utilities, household accessories and products and much more. It provides a one stop shopping solution for a customer's needs.
Check out for yourself to see the seamless shopping experience and the various shopping options this site provides to its customers. No wonder they are having a great business month on month ever since converting into a multi-vendor online marketplace.


If you are in the beauty business you should be knowing about the India’s largest B2B marketplace for beauty supplies. Using multi- vendor feature this portal showcases the complete range of beauty products and accessories that have the potential to revolutionise the way beauty salons and spas purchase these products.
By offering 7000+ products from 100+ national and international brands at wholesale rates with savings of up to 80%, they have scaled up their business in very short span with StoreHippo’s multi-vendor ecommerce platform.


Spareow is a first of its type marketplace that offer B2B solutions for industrial needs which includes industrial goods, spares, tools and parts and much more. Not only can you view a large variety of industrial products from vendors across the nation, but you can compare and choose the best from this unique marketplace.
This Banglore based multi-vendor ecommerce website has gained a reputation for its quality products  and has a rich clientele spanning various industry verticals.
Inspired by the stories? Why wait, contact our team at [email protected] and let us give you a tour of the amazing features of StoreHippo’s multi-vendor ecommerce platform. You can also leave your queries in the comments section given below .

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