Multi-vendor strategy for e-commerce stores

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  • Multi-vendor strategy for e-commerce stores

Are you an e-commerce entrepreneur trying to chart the route of success in the online world? There’s good news for you. You can turn your online store into a thriving marketplace by adding Multi-vendor functionality!

StoreHippo, the leading mobile e-commerce platform, offers multi-vendor functionality to enable niche online marketplaces. Through this multi-vendor feature, the online retailer who creates his e-store from StoreHippo can also tie-up with other vendors who wish to sell products and services on his storefront.  Such a partnership delivers remarkable opportunities and benefits all the vendors, since the consumers prefer to purchase various products and services from just a single web store.

In essence, a multi-vendor feature enables the primary retailer to create an online marketplace where multiple vendors can sell and manage their own products through one common web store.

Here are the star features of creating a multi-vendor web store from StoreHippo:

Multiple Vendors, Single Web Store:

The products from multiple vendors appear in the common product catalog , thus allowing the online shoppers the flexibility and convenience of purchasing different products from one web store itself, even if the products are supplied by different vendors who are in different geographical locations.

Store managed by the Root Administrator:

The primary retailer (root administrator) who has taken a multi-vendor subscription plan from StoreHippo wields full control and access to the online store. He can easily manage all the vendors in the admin, control vendors’ activity and also accept or reject products offered by the vendors, if required.

Individual Admin area for vendors:

Each vendor gets a separate admin panel to manage his products and price. There is no interference of other vendors.

One shopping cart, many products:

Your customers may have purchased different products from online vendors but they will have one shopping cart and pay once for all the products during the checkout process. It is so comfortable for the buyers. They get the feel of visiting a shopping mall and buying varied products from one store itself! 

No-hassles payment process:

The amount goes into the account of the primary retailer (root administrator) and it then the latter’s responsibility to distribute money to the other vendors as per the order history.

Choose your Shipping Method:

Each vendor has the freedom to choose and offer shipping methods of his choice for the customers.

Multiple Vendor Accounts: 

As the primary retailer you can allow multiple vendors to sell their products in your online store – as many as a hundred vendors can easily be added to your storefront!

Multi-vendor feature enables multiple brand accessibility for the consumers. The retailers get the benefit of more visibility and increased revenues. StoreHippo thrives on working with the latest and fastest technology stack to create blazing fast online stores which are mobile commerce ready and offer a plethora of features to provide a superior selling and buying experience. Multi-Vendor feature is the perfect solution for web stores who wish to entail multiple independent vendors in a common storefront.

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