Finding e commerce shopping cart abandonment solutions made easy with StoreHippo

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  • Finding e commerce shopping cart abandonment solutions made easy with StoreHippo

Recovering lost sales from online shopping cart abandonment can be the turning point for any webstore. With a ratio of 7:3 between incomplete checkout and orders, regular follow up to achieve successful conversions is the only way out for every business.

Your incomplete order follow up policy should be quick, repeated and yet should not annoying your customers. Cart recovery is an ongoing process can substantially boost the revenue of any store. Hence, to make this process successful you need smart tools along with smart strategy

Why you need smart tools for recovering your incomplete order?

A small business, with a few orders every day, can opt for manual processes that do not require automated tools to follow up with incomplete online shopping cart customers. However, as the business scales, without automation the whole system can become chaotic, manual work intensive and hence a drain on resources.

Even if you have the best business idea and the best follow up strategy, you can fail miserably in bringing back lost sales due to lack of right tools at your disposal. StoreHippo team of experts always thinks through business scenarios to find the best solutions. To help our clients get better results from their abandoned cart recovery strategy, we have incorporated some apps and tools that make it easy for you to follow up and convert your incomplete checkout.

Converting lost sales with StoreHippo App and tools

StoreHippo has a dedicated App “Abandoned Checkout” that helps online business owners keep track of their incomplete orders and follow up with customers through automated mails.
Let’s see how you can quickly install and use this app.

1. Login to your admin panel and go to “Settings” and then click on “Advanced settings”.

2. Now click on “Apps” and search “abandoned” in the search box and you will see the “Abandoned Checkout” tab appearing below the search box.

3. Click on install and get the app for abandon cart recovery installed for your store.

4. Now, go to the order section and click on the abandoned Checkout link. You can the complete list of incomplete checkout orders here.

5. Select any order to view its complete details in the right-side panel. 

Following up with Abandoned Cart Customers

StoreHippo makes it very easy to follow up with abandoned cart customers with the automated feature.

Let’s see the easy 6 step process.

1. Go to Settings>> General settings and click the “Miscellaneous” tab.

2. Scroll down and check the “Abandoned Mailer” check box.

3. Now, select the time for follow up. In the example, we have sent the first abandon cart email follow up time to 6 hour and the second mail follow up time to 20 hours. It is recommended to send the first mail within 6 hours and the second follow up mail within 24 hours of the first mail. Statistics suggest that majority of interested customers complete their purchase within 24 hours of abandoning their cart.

4. Now go to Mail Notification and click on “Add new”.

5. Add your mailer name, subject line and the mail text that you wish to send to your customers.

6. Add the sender email id and check the “Publish” box and you have your automated mails set.


Online selling websites can save a lot of time and effort by using automated mails during the initial stages of follow up for incomplete orders. Usually, the customers who are serious about buying return within 24 hours and complete their purchase. For the customers who do not convert even after two days, it is advisable to follow up on call or send a personalized email asking about the reason for not completing the order yet.

Now that you are empowered with StoreHippo’s lost cart rescue tool you can make your business more profitable with minimal effort. You can also use the data provided in StoreHippo reports to analyze the cart abandonment reasons and improve your webstore and business practices accordingly.

So, what are you waiting for, set up your next online store with StoreHippo. Explore the powerful features that make online retailing easy and manageable with the most advanced, future ready, e commerce platform of StoreHippo.

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