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You Care LifeStyle

You Care LifeStyle is India's first multi vendor marketplace portal for ethical and hand-selected products. Conceptualised and launched by Luke Cointilho, bestselling author and Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coach, the niche marketplace You Care LifeStyle is an attempt to bring the clean and ethical Indian brands, farmers, home cooks etc. on a common platform. You Care LifeStyle brings wellness and lifestyle brands, small startupsvendors, farmers, home bakers etc. on a common platform to recreate the food chain in India and offer holistic, organic and clean food and other products with the reach of buyers. 

By creating a sustainable market for clean products, You Care LifeStyle creates a fair-trade ecosystem and connects farmers and vendors directly to the end buyers. The You Care LifeStyle multi vendor marketplace brings a range of clean products like daily use items, household goods, lifestyle and cosmetics products, natural supplements, super-foods, local and fresh produce, etc. within the reach of buyers across India.


The Requirements

You Care LifeStyle, wanted to enable consumers to choose truly chemical-free and ethical prodcuts through its multi vendor website. You Care LifeStyle’s aim was to create a niche online marketplace  where on one hand consumers can be assured of buying the best products and ethical farmes and sellers can get the best returns of their hardwork. 

To make this possible, You Care LifeStyle needed a well-rounded, flexible and easy-to-use enterprise ecommerce solution that could handle the unique requirements of the brand: 

  • A multi vendor marketplace for ethically sourced products 
  • Tailored store design for enhanced engagement
  • Easy-to-use solution for all parties 
  • Integrated solutions to run, manage and grow the business
  • Pain-free migration from custom website

StoreHippo Powering You Care LifeStyle - A Niche Multi Vendor Marketplace For Clean Organic Prodcuts

StoreHippo has a longstanding experience of building out-of-box solutions for niche enterprise businesses. The feature-rich StoreHippo platform has built a variety of multi vendor marketplace stores across industry verticals and it was well-equipped to power You Care LifeStyle’s unique multi-vendor website. With its native multi vendor solutions StoreHippo enabled You Care LifeStyle to leverage the benefits of a multi-seller model and build a scalable, flexible and battle-tested marketplace website for its authentic and clean products.

Team You Care LifeStyle leveraged StoreHippo’s built-in integrations and MACH (Microservices, Api-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture to create a customized look and feel as well as a unique ecommerce environment. The seamless migration process of StoreHippo made ecommerce replatforming from custom website to StoreHippo a breeze for the brand ou Care LifeStyle. StoreHippo’s future-ready solutions offers a gamut of features and tools to help You Care LifeStyle grow the brand to a wider buyer and seller base. 

The Benefits

You Care LifeStyle needed well-rounded multi-seller platform that could provide a seamless learning curve to its admins and vendors and also offered feature-rich solutions to build, run and grow their niche business. StoreHippo’s comprehensive ecommerce platform with 300+ built-in features, 120+ integrations  and the decoupled headless architecture made it possible for You Care LifeStyle to build their tailored marketplace website.

With the StoreHippo feature-rich enterprise ecommerce solutions, they were able to achieve the following;

  • Build a multi vendor marketplace for clean products which offered comprehensive multi-seller solutions to manage every aspect of the business 
  • Easily customize store design aligned with brand needs and for better customer engagement
  • Offer an easy-to-use solution to their vendors for managing their business
  • Build a unique ecommerce ecosystem for the rband with pre-integrated solutions to run, manage and grow the business
  • Migrate from their custom website to StoreHippo in a hassle-free and painless manner