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Industry: Gadget Portal

GDGT is a portal that provides product reviews for gadget lovers. Think of any gadget be it computer, keyboard, tablets, e-book reader, gaming consoles, cameras, mobiles, storage devices, home theater and many more; and get best reviews from the experts in the field at one place, i.e., GDGT. Millions of users worldwide refer to reviews and updates on GDGT before purchasing a new gadget.

The Requirement:

  • Peter Rojas (Co-Founder Gizmodo and Engadget and Joystiq; technology and video gaming blogs respectively) and Ryan Block, Editor-in-Chief of AOL’s Engadget and Co-Founder of the community site GDGT were looking to create a first of its kind gadget portal.
  • However, they decided to trust Manusis Technologies in India with the creative task of building a unique gadget portal.
  • Peter and Ryan wanted a build a comprehensive gadget portal that would function as a one-stop referral site for gadget lovers across the world.

Key Challenges:

  • Conceptualize a unique portal specifically for gadgets.
  • Creating a portal that could feature the wide range of gadgets available in the market.
  • Designing the backend from scratch to make it scalable and flexible
  • Handling the expected load on first day of launch given the fact that founders had huge fan following.
  • Non availability of a similar gadget site to look up to for getting ideas and inspiration.

Solution and Benefits:

  • A unique solution for the client using Manusis in-house Manu Framework and emerging technologies.
  • The GDGT site was adored by fans worldwide,
  • Earned some great reviews from critics
  • Got $3.4 million in funding during the first year of launch
  • scaled very well to the load.


  • In-house Manu Framework and emerging technologies

Client Review

" One can be a little wary about working with an overseas engineering team, especially since with some teams you don't necessarily know what to expect. But working with Manusis has been excellent for our development -- they are very experienced, professional, and well organized, which means for us that they can take on large projects and execute against a rapid development schedule. "

Ryan Block, Co-founder, GDGT


Vishal Mahajan

StoreHippo experience is fantastic! Absolutely no issue, i have some bitter experiences with Zepo that is the reason I moved to StoreHippo and found clear-cut differences here. At StoreHippo you have huge infrastructure available. The developers are very active and they keep the committed timelines. However, I would appreciate if there is more call support than mail support. The admin panel is very user-friendly. All that one needs is there and true to the DIY concept, the help center is elaborate and helps you with any query about the features and functionalities. Am very very happy with the overall experience with StoreHippo. I thank my friend who recommended StoreHippo to me.

Vivek Goyal

The best part about StoreHippo apart from a highly flexible and feature-rich platform is the support they give.The support and technical team provided us elaborate demos. The listened to us and provided the solution /changes wherever we needed. We are happy with the final output of our store.

Bandadda Team

This is one of the best part. I never saw this much of support in Zepo. Also I have discussion with my other friends who are into similar activities but from other platforms. My website is doing best because our each and every query and modification request has been answered.

Rudra Narayan

Urging SMBs to come online in assistance with StoreHippo only, the Most Flexible Ecommerce Platform.You will get user-friendly Dashboard, Admin panel, Ease of Operation and the utmost level of assistance and care from StoreHippo Team, which really help you to grow your online world with ease and perfection.

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