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What is the role of Logistics in E-commerce?

By | Jul 16 2015 | |

ORDER NOW- it is not uncommon for many of us to click this button on our screens while purchasing products online.  It is so simple for us, as consumers, to order for products and then get the advantage of products being delivered right at our doorsteps. Hardly do we ever ponder on the hard work and diligence that is put in behind the ‘camera’ which makes this possible.  Just in case the delivery is not up to the mark, we say, “Oh! We will not bother to order from ...

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20 Rules for Improved Logistics in 2020

By | Jan 03 2020 | |

Online market is booming: this is an understatement. As per Forbes, the e-commerce industry could grow to become worth $6.7 trillion by 2020. Big players like Amazon are already treadmilling to be number 1 in its niche and several others are joining the race day by day. With more players entering this space, you may notice emerging trends that affect the logistics ...

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Logistics- a key factor for success of E-commerce platforms

By | Dec 19 2014 | |

Since the birth of E-commerce the whole meaning of online retail has undergone a virtual metamorphosis. During the initial phase of this online revolution basically convenience and low prices were the main reasons for buying a product online. Today, the ecommerce retailers are virtually selling any product and service available under the sky - from clothes to furniture to gadgets to property-you name it and they sell it! When a consumer orders a product, it has to be carefully packed and ship...

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A crucial year for e-commerce-focused logistics firms

By | Feb 12 2016 | |

Logistics in India has typically not kept pace with growth of E-commerce stores and is riddled with inefficiencies and lack of innovations. The exponential growth of the online industry has brought forth the need of logistics companies (focused on E-commerce) to improve their infrastructure and offer a slew of services for their clients.  To be successful, logistics companies have to ensure reliability, speed, wider reach and safety of delivery while ensuring a smooth customer experience...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Reverse Logistics Strategy

By | Jul 30 2020 | |

In recent years, the global logistics industry has witnessed an increased incidence of product returns. As an online retailer, you wouldn’t agree any less! 

Stats validate that traditionally, only 8 to 9 percent of merchandise is returned as compared to online orders where the return rate is 25 to 30 percent.

It is quite obvious for you to think forward

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An Introduction of Indian E-commerce Logistics providers

By | Jul 04 2016 | |

Storehippo, your very own mobile ready e-commerce platform has always aimed to provide hassle free and streamlined solutions to make your online presence a smooth ride. In our effort to iron out the difficulties of online business we have been trying to find the solution for the various pain points faced by our customers.

It’s no secret that shipping has always been the biggest pain for majority of online merchants.


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How E-commerce Logistics Changed in 2019 and the Way Forward for 2020

By | Jan 24 2020 | |

Change is the only constant. The same holds true for business strategies and market dynamics. In today’s e-commerce era, where everything works on clicks, you can’t be expecting stagnancy, can you?

As we close the ledger in another year, we have to change retail scenarios and consumer expectations that have only matured since last year. We have noticed p...

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10 Stats to Help you Plan your E-commerce Logistics in 2020

By | Jan 28 2020 | |

As an e-retailer, you must be constantly thinking about logistics. So does this mean you know it all? Guess not! Even after careful scrutinisation, you might be missing out on some important aspects of your shipment strategy. 

To put it simply, supply chain management is planning, implementing and controlling the flow and storage of goods, efficiently. It also comprises related information to meet customer&rsq...

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How Advanced Logistics Facilities can Skyrocket your E-commerce Business

By | Dec 20 2019 | |

Why do you think, Amazon has set the new standard of completing product delivery within forty-eight hours? Why are big players such as Target and Walmart are trying to compete with Amazon by integrating a two-day shipping model as a standard part of their platform? The answer is simple. These organisations are strengthening their logistics to beat the market competition.


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5 Ways Drones will Change Indian Ecommerce Logistics Forever

By | Jan 14 2019 | |

Has a drone come knocking on your door to deliver the product that you ordered online? Not yet? Be prepared – with the Indian government finalising draft on Civil Aviation Requirements on drones, this could very well happen pretty soon. We are not talking about the stuff of the future, it could even happen early next year. Several

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Budget Expectations of the E-commerce sector

By | Feb 17 2016 | |

The E-commerce sector has witnessed an unprecedented growth and is developing at a fast pace. Despite growth, the sector is incurring losses and facing many problems like poor infrastructure and logistics issues. Still, E-commerce firms are offering huge discounts and sales primarily to attract more customers. While trying to strike a balance in challenges and opportunities, the E-commerce and Startup sector in India has high expectations from the

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Trends for Indian E-commerce in 2016

By | Feb 02 2016 | |

E-commerce is now a regular part of an Indian digital consumer. The growth in the sector has been driven by increasing penetration of smart mobile devices, improved broadband and wireless internet access, introduction of 3G/4G technologies, fillip to digital payments as well as aggressive customer acquisition and retention strategies by online companies. The present Indian government initiatives like ‘Digital India’, ‘Make-in-India’, ‘Startup India Standup Ind...

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7 Bugging B2C Ecommerce Issues (And How To Solve Them)

By | Apr 07 2021 | |

About a decade ago, you could have sold just anything on e-commerce and make lots of money because the competition was minimal; technology was limited, and so on. Today, the growth of e-commerce is touching the skies, mainly due to the digital transformation in the country. The industry is expected to grow at an annual rate of 51% by 2020 and achieve remarkable growth. E-commerce is considered one of the best ways to interact with the...

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GST: Is it going to solve the pain-points in Indian E-commerce?

By | Aug 22 2016 | |

Tax is defined as, a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on workers' income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.
Quite a simple word.  Is it?
Well, we all get the literal meaning of tax but understanding the process of taxation and how various taxes are levied is beyond the comprehension of the wisest amongst mere mortals like us.

We are ...

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5 Telltale Signs That Your Online Web Store Is Losing Customer Trust

By | Sep 21 2016 | |

Have you lately noticed that some of your frequent buyers are no longer ordering from your online web store? Has your traffic volume dwindled substantially and you are also facing slack sales season? Are your promotional offers not matching their earlier sales volume despite offering deeper discounts? Has the percentage of abandoned cart orders gone up on your website? Did your best to check and correct all technical issu...

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eCommerce players: from money guzzlers to cash cow

By | Jun 10 2015 | |

From being money guzzlers to turning cash cow: eCommerce players bring profitability at forefront

eCommerce players would also need to look at improving operational efficiency with renewed focus on the determinants of distribution, warehousing and logistic costs. Any new venture or a new sector takes time to shape, evolve and become profitable or sustainable. The eCommerce sector is also in the same phase and will take time to attain success.

As the companies...

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We create customised online stores for SMEs and budding entrepreneurs

By | Dec 03 2015 | |

Rajiv Kumar, Founder & CEO of e-commerce platform StoreHippo, speaks to Progressive Grocer about how his new venture is helping to tap the potential of the booming mobile commerce industry by helping various retailers and enterprises fulfill the ambition of taking their business online.
What is StoreHippo all about and how does it work?
StoreHippo is a flagship product of Hippo Innovations, a company envisaged to help SMEs and individ...

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7 Things Nobody told you to Check in the Best Ecommerce Platform in India

By | Apr 20 2020 | |

Let’s start this on a mathematical note! Did you know that the Indian e-commerce industry is expected to surpass the US to become the second largest market in the world by 2034? Phenomenal, isn’t it?

Several factors have triggered this growth including a rising youth demographic profile, increased internet penetration and overall economic performance of the country. However, the role of some of the

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5 Ecommerce Strategies To Future Proof Your Business

By | Sep 29 2021 | |

If there is one thing that you can be absolutely sure of in business, it’s that the market will inevitably change. And if you do not leverage ecommerce strategies in order to protect and grow your brand, your business will cease to thrive.

Your brand’s greatest threat isn’t your competitor; instead, it is being anchored to the past. Dynamic innovations, rising customer expectations, evolving business environments,

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Flows in E-Commerce System

By | Jun 18 2015 | |

Do you wonder about the how processes work in an E-commerce system? We will give you a peek…

There are 4 key flows in E-Commerce- Product Flow, Cash Flow, Information Flow, and Reverse Product Flow.

Product Flow:
This refers to the movement of the goods from the suppliers to the customers. Logistics players play a key role in moving products through this chain. In fact, Logistics takes the primary onus for success of an ...

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How to create a B2B ecommerce website to beat your competitors

By | Dec 29 2020 | |

The race to improve B2B websites is never ending with 79% of the manufacturers and 84% of the wholesalers planning to increase their spending on customer experience. 

The enterprise ecommerce market is massive and growing rapidly. What all you need is the right strategy and tools to capture the market and grow tremendously. It has become incredibly important to create a best-in-class website and beat the comp...

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Top 5 jewellery multi vendor marketplaces in India

By | Jan 15 2021 | |

Most of the buying decisions now start with clicking on the internet browser or swiping on the mobile and Jewelry industry is no different. The upcoming online shopping trends would change significantly with the drastic shift in online jewellery shopping. 

The future of the online jewellery industry looks very promising as it has come a long way - from considering gold as an investment to holding dignity in ownin...

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How To Get Started With Quick Commerce

By | Jan 17 2022 | |

Do you sell consumers' goods online? Or do you deal in staples, packaged foods, beverages, home care, over the counter medicines? Do you know what is the future ecommerce trend in the online consumer goods market? Well, it is “quick commerce” or rather say, “quick hyperlocal deliveries”. 

Quick commerce is expected to grow 10-15x in the next five years. Consulting firm Redseer predict...

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6 Must Have Features In Your Enterprise Brand's D2C Website

By | Jan 03 2022 | |

Managing a D2C enterprise ecommerce store isn't a layman's task. 

Thanks to the changing customer’s behavior, market trends, technology, business models and market dynamics, that are changing at a speed like never before. Altering your store to grab customer attention and sell more is a process that needs constant rethinking.

That’s why you need advanced features on your site to timely update sites i...

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