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Delivery Boy Management Software

What is Delivery Boy Management Software?

Delivery boy management software is a digital logistics tool that helps in planning, managing, streamlining and executing an ecommerce brand’s deliveries using their own fleet of delivery boys. A state-of-art delivery management software has a centralized system that connects all the parties (the customers, delivery partners and ecommerce brand owners/admins) involved in the delivery life cycle.

The delivery boy management software helps in better organizing the fleet of carrier agents and delivery boys for hyperlocal deliveries. With a smart delivery management system the end-to-end hyperlocal delivery process can be organized, automated and transparent.

How does the Delivery Boy Management Software work?

The delivery boy management software offers a centralized system for allocating parcels to different delivery agents and then tracking them until fulfilment. A modern delivery management system should have the following features for efficient fulfilment management:

  • Separate login and dashboard for each delivery boy so they can see, manage and update their orders
  • Feature to add and allot different delivery boys for different locations, vendors or stores
  • Feature to allow different sellers to manage their own fleet of delivery boys allotted to them
  • Notifications that keep delivery boys, sellers, brand owners and customers informed at various stages of the order fulfilment process
  • Real-time updation of order status in the delivery boy app as well as the order management system
  • Order security measures like order delivery OTP
  • Order delivery feedback option for delivery boys to get better insights into the fulfilment process
  • Delivery boy app to enable delivery agents to manage orders on the go

What are the benefits of Delivery Boy Management Software?

Timely and streamlined fulfilment is the key to success for any business. With customer experience increasingly becoming the differentiating factor between online brands, it has become imperative for brands to rethink their delivery solutions. To make their hyperlocal deliveries smoother and organized, enterprise ecommerce brands need a smart and feature-rich delivery management tool.

The benefits of using a delivery management system are: 

  • Faster, cost-efficient and error-free deliveries with a streamlined and automated delivery management system
  • Better utilization and management of the fleet of delivery boys
  • Shorter delivery cycles by optimizing the steps involved in the delivery workflow
  • Efficient order management thanks to end-to-end visibility in the delivery process
  • Route optimization with inbuilt like Google Map and other routing software
  • Real-time tracking of delivery boys with the delivery boy app
  • Better communication between the merchants, delivery boys and customers
  • Quick identification and resolution of delivery bottlenecks
  • Detailed business and delivery insights for strategic delivery planning and optimization
  • Happy and loyal customers thanks to transparent and fast order deliveries

What is the future of Delivery Boy Management Software?

Hyperlocal ecommerce and quick commerce have ushered in the new era of ecommerce. With more and more brands vying for customer attention, the faster delivery game is going to be hotter in the days to come. The winner in this cut-throat competition will be brands that can efficiently and effectively streamline their deliveries.

To manage their fleet of delivery boys efficiently online enterprise brands need to have a cutting-edge delivery boy management system. StoreHippo offers an inbuilt delivery boy app with a host of features along with separate login for delivery boys. While the admin can assign and manage delivery boys for different locations the delivery boys can check, deliver, update and close orders assigned to them. The customers can be ensured of safe delivery with OTP and get the option to add feedback. 

StoreHippo delivery boy management software and app help D2C, B2B and enterprise businesses streamline their hyperlocal deliveries for better customer engagement and retention.