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Ecommerce Business Use Case - 2

Create Toys and Baby Products Multi-Store Ecommerce Site

You want to build toys and baby products online store like Firstcry**. You have different stores and warehouses of your company in different cities and states across the country with baby clothes and other baby products. You are delivering inter-city as well as inter-state orders of baby products. You want to build an ecommerce store where customers’ baby products orders are routed to the nearest store or warehouse.

Business Requirements

You want to be able to:

  • Manage location wise inventory of baby products stores through a single dashboard 
  • Fulfil toys and kids products orders using the store nearest to the customer
  • Show different baby products catalogue, pricing  and language for different stores
  • Let different toys, baby clothes and other products stores manage their own orders
  • Streamline shipping and logistics management for kids products

StoreHippo has the solution with a multi-store ecommerce functionality

With StoreHippo, you will be able to:

  • Set up location-based sub-stores for toys and baby products for various locations within the city or the state
  • Manage multiple location-based sub-stores for baby clothes with a central admin dashboard
  • Implement different themes, languages, pricing, shipping costs etc for different baby products sub-stores 
  • Auto-detect customer IP to route the kids’ products order to nearest sub-store
  • Streamlined toys and baby products deliveries with the hyperlocal delivery partner or use built-in delivery boy module for manual shipments

Yes, you can create an online store, and start selling toys and baby products online with StoreHippo in record time. StoreHippo is a comprehensive next-gen ecommerce solution that helps you build a multistore ecommerce marketplace in just a few easy steps. With the SaaS-based 360-degree ecommerce solutions, you can take your baby products business online seamlessly.

Yes, StoreHippo is built on a decoupled headless architecture that gives a seamless and personalized buying experience to your toys customers. You can create your unique brand identity by building tailored solutions for your brand. The 300+ API endpoints give you the freedom to explore and experiment. You can offer personalized buyer journeys to your baby product customers like a personalized shipping solution, personalized payment process, etc.

You can seamlessly manage multiple SKUs on your baby products multistore with StoreHippo’s advanced product management system. With the end-to-end product management solutions, you can quickly add, delete, manage, and perform other operations on single or bulk baby products in just a few clicks. You can also centrally manage the product catalogues of different sub-stores with StoreHippo. 

StoreHippo is built on mobile-first technology that comes with a built-in mobile app builder. You can seamlessly build Android or iOS mobile apps directly from your admin dashboard. You can create multiple mobile apps for different sub-stores of your toys' multistore ecommerce chain. The online stores built with StoreHippo are also PWAs that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices. 

StoreHippo comes with a host of marketing tools for your baby clothes and baby products multistore ecommerce marketplace. StoreHippo comes with a powerful built-in discount engine that helps you implement multi-level discounts and coupons for your customers. The built-in SEO tools help you rank higher on SERPs and boost your organic traffic. You can also integrate with your preferred marketing tools and software for your enterprise brand.

It is quite easy to sell baby products using StoreHippo ecommerce solutions. Even novice sellers with no prior knowledge of selling online can seamlessly use the StoreHippo platform. The comprehensive and intuitive vendor dashboard creates a separate vendor dashboard for each baby product seller so they can perform their day-to-day business activities seamlessly. 

Yes, StoreHippo offers multiple payment gateways that enable your baby clothes customers to pick and choose their preferred payment gateways. StoreHippo comes pre-integrated with 60+ domestic and international payment methods like COD, netbanking, mobile wallets, mobile payments, store credit, cards, etc. You can offer a frictionless payment process for your customers on your enterprise marketplace. 

*Firstcry is the registered trademark of its registered company. StoreHippo does not claim any alliance with this trademark.