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Ecommerce Business Use Case - 4

Create Multi-Store Ecommerce Website to Sell Jewelery

You want to build a jewelery and ornaments ecommerce website like CaratLane**(gold, diamond and platinum jewelery) and Shaya** sub-store(silver jewellery). You create a multi-store ecommerce website with each sub-store selling a different ornaments product line. Your customers should be able to order from different jewelery sub-stores and all such stores can be managed with a common dashboard.

Business Requirements

You want to be able to:

  • Create multiple jewelery stores each dedicated to selling one of these product lines
  • Display different themes for each of the ornaments sub-stores
  • Different apps for each of the jewelery sub-stores
  • Option for multi-currency payments for global jewelery buyers
  • Streamline shipping and logistics management for jewelery delivery

StoreHippo has the solution with a multi-store ecommerce functionality

With StoreHippo, you will be able to:

  • Set up multiple sub-stores for various jewelery product lines 
  • Manage multiple jewelery product-based sub-stores with a common admin dashboard
  • Implement different themes, multi-currency pricing, shipping costs, multilingual store etc. for each ornaments sub-store 
  • Build unique mobile apps for each jewelery sub-store
  • Streamline ornaments deliveries with the integrated delivery partner or use built-in delivery person module for manual shipments

*CaratLane and Shaya are the registered trademarks of these companies respectively. StoreHippo does not claim any alliance with these trademarks.