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Ecommerce Business Use Case - 71

Build A Computers Wholesale Online Store

You own a wholesale computers business selling PCs, laptops and other computer related items in bulk. You have computer related items suppliers in different cities who supply a variety of PCs and related products. You want to build easy options to gather the detailed  computer products requirements of your clients to offer them different pricing quotes and deals for bulk computer orders. You also want to deliver your clients’ PC related items orders using the supplier/dealer nearest to them.

Business Requirements

You want to be able to:

  • Build your own online computers stores chain
  • Create custom ecommerce flows and processes for unique models of your wholesale computer products business 
  • Implement different taxes based on computers’ products vendors’ or customers’ locations
  • Integrate your wholesale PC and laptops business with a variety of ERP solution, POS, CRM, Accounting software, payment and logistics channels
  • Offer customers computer related products in their own language and currencies

StoreHippo B2B Ecommerce Solutions For Wholesale Online Computers Store

With StoreHippo, you will be able to:

  • Create  and design your mobile-ready computers online stores chain with a native multi store ecommerce solution  
  • Onboard computers and laptops dealers and distributors as vendors using inbuilt multi vendor marketplace solution
  • Build custom processes and ecommerce modules for your computer products business using the flexible ecommerce solutions
  • Ensure granular security on your wholesale online laptops store with user roles, audit logs and other inbuilt security compliances
  • Implement pricing overrides to offer different pricing for various computer products orders based on volume, client etc. 
  • Add custom forms to gather clients’ computer items requirements
  • Implement a variety of taxes for computer related products using the inbuilt tax engine
  • Seamlessly integrate your preferred ERP solution, POS, CRM, accounting software, payment solutions and logistics channels with your wholesale computers online marketplace 
  • Use inbuilt multilingual and multi-currency solutions to offer your customers laptops and computer products in their native language and preferred currencies
  • Streamline computer products deliveries using integrated logistics partners, inbuilt delivery boy module or integrate with your custom delivery partner