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Ecommerce Business Use Case - 44

Create An Agriculture Machinery Multi Vendor Marketplace

You want to build a BigHaat* and Industry Buying* like agriculture machinery multi vendor online marketplace selling sprayers, weeders, pumping set, watering system, tillers and cultivators etc. You want to onboard suppliers and distributors of various farm machinery. These agri machinery sellers have warehouses in different cities and states. You want to manage your agriculture machinery suppliers and distributors through location-based farm equipment sub-stores for different cities. Your agriculture machinery marketplace app and website show a different farm machinery inventory to your customers based on their location within the city, state or country. The orders are routed from the nearest farm machinery store from the customers’ location.

Business Requirements

You want to be able to:

  • Onboard and manage agriculture machinery sellers and distributors for different equipment brands
  • Manage location wise list of agri machinery sub-stores 
  • Show different prices and inventory for location-wise farm machinery and pumping set sub-stores
  • Fulfil agriculture machinery orders using the store nearest to the customer location
  • Streamline shipping and logistics management of farm machinery orders

Build your Agriculture Machinery marketplace with StoreHippo

With StoreHippo, you will be able to:

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