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Top online B2B marketplace in India

What is a top online B2B marketplace in India

A top online B2B marketplace in India is a business-to-business marketplace where multiple vendors, sellers, distributors, etc come together on a platform and sell goods and services digitally to other businesses. These sellers, vendors, and distributors can also connect with other businesses while using the B2B marketplace website.

Multiple B2B businesses have built their marketplaces and taken the ecommerce route, like IndiaMart, Udaan, etc. As businesses choose to build the best B2B portal in India, they can tap into a huge market that was previously unexplored and sell beyond geographical boundaries. Building a marketplace also helps brands automate their selling processes and improve their operational efficiency.

Why should enterprise brands build a top online B2B marketplace in India

Building a top online B2B marketplace in India offers a host of benefits to businesses. Right from unlocking new growth opportunities to digitizing existing sales channels, B2B online marketplaces can chart an upward growth trajectory. 

Here are a few reasons why B2B enterprise ecommerce brands should build their marketplaces:

  • Cost-effective as the overheads like CapEx, staffing, etc can be reduced
  • Freedom to explore new markets that were untapped like tier II and tier III cities
  • Onboard multiple sellers to cater to diverse buyer groups
  • Automate/centralize product and sales management for efficient management of business processes
  • Better brand visibility by selling on multiple digital platforms
  • Improved visibility of dealer/seller networks that help manage them efficiently and effectively

With the modern advancements, it has no doubt become very easy for brands to build the best B2B portal in India. StoreHippo ecommerce platform comes with 360-degree solutions that help build a variety of B2B enterprise ecommerce marketplaces. The plug-and-play solutions from StoreHippo come with a host of B2B features making it easy for enterprise brands to modernize their business and grow exponentially.

What are the must-have features of the top online B2B marketplace in India

A B2B marketplace website comes with a whole set of features and tools to help enterprise brands stay ahead of the changing market trends. Along with the basic B2B features, enterprise ecommerce solutions must have features that help future-proof the ecommerce brand.

Here are a few must-have features on the top online B2B marketplace in India:

  • Advanced future-ready technology that gives flexibility and agility to stay ahead of the competitors and adapt to market trends
  • Customizable device-optimized themes to build personalized landing pages for different buyer segments
  • Inherent scalability to accommodate the increasing number of users, vendors, products or localities in India
  • Advanced vendor management solutions for registering, onboarding and managing vendors, their distributors, resellers etc. 
  • Easy customizations to tweak the B2B online marketplace India at the backend as well as the frontend for unique brand requirements 
  • Inbuilt B2B features like RFQ, multi pricing, restricted login, customizable forms, tiered pricing, credit management, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), tax engine etc. 
  • Inbuilt solutions for mobile sales channels offering ease of shopping on the go
  • Support for multiple payment methods that offer a frictionless payment process
  • Quick and seamless integrations with multiple third party software like ERP, CRM, logistics, marketing, etc.

StoreHippo offers the best B2B ecommerce solutions to build B2B marketplaces with its 300+ built-in features and 120+ integrations. StoreHippo is powered by MACH architecture making it possible for B2B brands to build solutions that help them achieve disruptive results.     

What makes StoreHippo the the best solution to build top online B2B marketplace in India

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions are built on MEAN stack and MACH architecture that offers inherent flexibility and agility to build the most innovative and creative B2B online marketplace India. Designed to build complex and unique marketplaces, StoreHippo can handle the complex requirements of B2B enterprise ecommerce businesses. Enterprise brands can seamlessly build B2B online marketplaces, multi-store, hyperlocal commerce etc with StoreHippo solutions. 

StoreHippo comes with a rich design theme library to help create the best marketplaces with unique designs. The drag-and-drop tool makes it easy even for novice users to create professional-looking designs without any knowledge of coding and designing. With the decoupled headless architecture from StoreHippo the best B2B ecommerce solutions, brands can create a personalized shopping experience for their customers. Brands can also send out personalized notifications to their B2B customers about offers and discounts in real-time with StoreHippo. 

StoreHippo is built in a mobile-first technology that comes with a built-in mobile app builder. Enterprise brands can build Android or iOS B2B apps right from their admin dashboard at zero additional cost and without having to worry about coding. StoreHippo also offers multiple B2B apps for different users like admin, vendors, delivery boys etc to help them handle their business on the go. When brands create the best B2B portal in India with StoreHippo, they also create PWA stores that look, feel, and work like mobile apps even on entry-level devices. 

As B2B enterprise brands build their marketplaces, they get access to a powerful tax engine that supports multi-tier taxes and has full support for multi-level taxes based on the location of the store. With advanced inbuilt features like order and product management, advanced search, seamless navigation, buyer-seller admin chat etc, B2B brands can make their sales cycles quicker. StoreHippo comes pre-integrated with 60+ payment gateways and 30+ logistics solutions to help B2B enterprise ecommerce brands offer a seamless checkout process and create a streamlined delivery process for their customers.  

Are you ready to build the top online B2B marketplace in India with StoreHippo B2B enterprise ecommerce solutions? Explore the wide range of features by starting your 14-day free trial now.