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Top Ecommerce Platform In India

The top ecommerce platform in India StoreHippo offers SaaS-based solution to start, run and grow B2B as well as B2C online businesses.  It also offers a fully hosted and managed turnkey solution for enterprise-grade businesses. The inherent flexibility and scalability of StoreHippo platform help businesses tweak it in and out to customize the entities as per their unique requirements.

Not very long ago the top ecommerce platform in India was judged just on a small set of criteria. Businesses were usually small and just needed a basic cart functionality to run the show. But things changed with the entry of mobile ecommerce and smartphones in the hinterland. Now the whole of India was online and had a magic wand in the form of their smartphones. What’s more, with increasing internet penetration, they could now participate in the great Indian shopping extravaganza hosted by Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and their likes.

Why Your Business Needs Top Ecommerce Platform In India 

While Indian ecommerce market was worth  $3.9 billion in 2009, it grew to USD 38.5 billion in 2018 (source: Wikipedia). A whopping 10x increase in as many years! The ecommerce user penetration stands at 53.2% in 2020 and is expected to hit 67.3% by 2024(Source: Statista).

It is more than evident that businesses that take the ecommerce route are going to flourish albeit, they have to choose the best online solution in the form of the top ecommerce platform in India to power their business. This becomes necessary as online shopping no longer is driven by deep discounts alone. User experience is driving online sales as when customers get a memorable buying experience, they tend to buy more. The top ecommerce software ensures this for your online business.

How To ChooseThe Top Ecommerce Platform In India 

If you are an entrepreneur burning midnight oil to figure out the best ecommerce solutions for your business you are in luck. There is no need to hire a team of developers to build your online store from scratch. Also, you don’t need to wait for ages for your site to be built and tested and then be ready to roll. All you need is a well-rounded online store builder that is experienced in building a variety of B2B online stores. 

While you get many such technology partners in the market to choose the top ecommerce platform in India among them you need to run a quick check. Instead of being led by the tall claims you just need to look for the following qualities in the solution that will be building your online store. 

Features Needed In Top Ecommerce Software To Build Online Stores

  1. Do you get a comprehensive solution that handles your business end to end?
  2. Can the platform be used even after some years when your business grows?
  3. Can it be customized as per your requirements, that too without hiring developers?
  4. Do you get free design themes and are they easily customizable?
  5. Does the top ecommerce platform in India also offer pre-integrated payment gateways?
  6. Can you easily add custom shipping partners or get some pre-integrated ones?
  7. Do you get a mobile-ready solution that can also turn your store into a PWA(Progressive Web Apps)?
  8. Can you also build Android and iOS mobile apps for your online store without additional cost?
  9. Does it offer a multilingual and multi-currency solution for international business(after all you might want to expand globally in a few years)?
  10. Is your provider really a top ecommerce platform in India for both B2B and B2C business models?

When you get a satisfactory answer for all the above(remember to get a YES on all of the above) you can be sure you have chosen the best ecommerce platform for your business.

Benefits Of Using  StoreHippo - Top Ecommerce Platform In India For Your Business

StoreHippo SaaS-based ecommerce platform offers 360-degree solution for online selling needs of B2B, B2C as well as online marketplaces and multi-storefronts for diverse industry verticals. The completely DIY(Do it Yourself ) ecommerce solution helps you play around and create a WOW store using the beautiful, device optimized themes.

You can also build custom out-of-box solutions that can disrupt the industry. StoreHippo top ecommerce software helps you build secure online stores which have ingerent features to prevent malicious attacks. The SEO friendly platform makes it easy to build the brand identity for your business. 

Along with all the above features it is built on the mobile-first approach which helps businesses gain an edge in the m-commerce market. You can not only sell products but also services. Also, it offers seamless integration with other tools for marketing, CRM, live chat etc

Along with this you get a host of go-global solutions like multilingual , multi currency, IP based pricing etc. to help you reach the global markets. The pricing structure is also very transparent without any hidden costs.

Sign up for our 14-day free trial  and check out the host of features that will help you ace your online game.