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Reviews And Ratings

What Are Ecommerce Reviews And Ratings?

Ecommerce reviews and ratings are the feedback and personal opinions of the customers who have used a given product or service. By posting reviews customers help other buyers understand the product and services clearly before the actual purchase. Online businesses usually put up a review and rating section where their customers can add reviews about the products and services they have used.

Ecommerce reviews and ratings are a potent tool to build brand reputation through user generated content on an online store. Customer reviews not only help online businesses understand their customers better but it also helps in understanding their requirements and grievances if any. This goes a long way in creating positive customer interactions which engage and convert more customers. 

Why Are Reviews And Ratings Important For Ecommerce Businesses?

Since online buyers cannot have the in-store experience of touching, feeling and holding the product, online ratings and reviews by peers offer a great insight for their buying decision. 97% of online buyers say that their online purchases are influenced by the product feedback posted by other buyers. This holds true for both B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses.

Here are the top benefits of online customer reviews for businesses

  • Reviews boost sales by helping customers buy with confidence

  • Establishes your brand as a fair and customer centric brand

  • Helps in engaging customers better by replying to their feedback

  • Negative reviews help in problem solving by understanding your loopholes and plugging them

  • Helps in helping customers make an informed decision which makes them more happy with their purchase

  • Customer feedback reduces returns and refunds as buyers are aware about pros and cons and hence make informed decisions

  • Online feedback increases customer loyalty and trust and helps in getting more repeat orders

  • Reviews and rating create user generated content which helps with better SERP rankings and increased traffic

With these many benefits it is imperative that ecommerce businesses add the feature to collect customer ratings and reviews on their storefront. To do this effectively they need a good review management system or software that can help them collect and manage all their customer feedback.

How To Add Customer Reviews And Ratings To Your Ecommerce Website?

Adding reviews and ratings should be incorporated as an integral part of your marketing and customer relationship strategy. The more reviews you have the more are the chances of your product or services to be perceived as genuine. 

Following mentors can be used to gain customer reviews for your brand

  • Ask your customers to write a review as soon as they have received the product

  • Use a review management software/system to make it easy for your customers to add feedback

  • Offer incentives like discount codes and coupons to the customers who write a review 

  • Send customer feedback forms or surveys to your customers

  • Ask your customers to leave their reviews and ratings on your social media and Google business pages

  • Automate ecommerce product reviews collection, posting and management by using a good reviews management system

  • Train your client-facing employees to get customer reviews/testimonials and post them as on your site

  • Add customer testimonials which is perceived as a better validation than reviews and ratings

Ecommerce product reviews go a long way in giving your customers the much needed confidence to buy products or services from your brand. Ecommerce platform reviews are one of the best ways to promote your products and services using word of mouth but in the digital format.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Reviews Management System?

StoreHippo SaaS-based turnkey ecommerce platform not only allows you to build an online store for your business but also offers a host of tools to build your brand identity. StoreHippo comes with a built-in reviews management system to help you collect, manage, publish and use customer rating and reviews to your advantage.

The StoreHippo reviews management system comes with an inbuilt feature to enable reviews and ratings on your product pages. When customers add their reviews to your pages you have the complete control to manage these reviews and decide whether to publish them or not. This helps in filtering spam or unwanted comments and feedback.

You can perform a number of operations  on the customer feedback like, you can view complete feedback and its details, you can publish or delete a review and even unpublish a previously published review. Along with tools to add and delete online customer reviews you also get the option to search and export reviews.

Along with the best reviews management system StoreHippo ecommerce platform also offers a gamut of inbuilt marketing features and tools to try out a variety of marketing strategies for business promotion.

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