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Quick Commerce Apps

What are Quick Commerce Apps?

Quick commerce apps, also known as q-commerce apps, are ecommerce websites and apps designed to facilitate super quick delivery of goods and services, often within 15-30 minutes or a few hours of placing the order. These ecommerce apps cater to the fast modern lifestyle and the ever-growing customer demand for speedy deliveries and convenience of buying. 

Quick commerce apps primarily cater to groceries and daily needs segments. However, Q-commerce companies can also diversify into more segments like food and beverages, personal care items, stationery, home appliances, repair and maintenance services and any other sector that can leverage hyperlocal ecommerce to offer fast and reliable products/services to buyers in a small location.

Quick commerce companies like Blinkit, Zepto, and BigBasket have shown a strong market growth year-on-year highlighting the need for more service providers. The hypergrowth of q-commerce is driven by urbanisation, busy lifestyles and the growing preference for on-demand services.

Q-commerce companies usually build dark stores which are strategically located micro-fulfillment centers in various locations within a city. Further, they use their team of delivery boys, advanced logistics and real-time inventory management solutions to ensure swift delivery. 

What are the benefits of building Quick Commerce Apps for enterprise businesses?

Enterprise businesses can leverage hyperlocal ecommerce and pivot to the quick commerce model to solidify brand presence across geographies. By offering their buyers the convenience of shopping from home and getting lightning fast deliveries enterprises can win a loyal customer base that keeps coming for more micro orders.

 Here is why enterprise brands planning to accelerate their growth should build quick commerce apps:

  1. Faster deliveries offer a better and personalized buying experience and go a long way in keeping customers happy and loyal to the enterprise brand. 
  2. Happy customers buy more often thus boosting the overall revenue and ensuring a steady order flow week over week.
  3. Quick commerce helps an enterprise brand differentiate from its competitors and solidify its market presence.
  4. Q-commerce is a highly scalable model and can be started with a few product categories and scaled to more based on local requirements and seasonal peaks. 
  5. Expanding to new markets becomes easy by offering fast delivery and a variety of products to buyers by onboarding local vendors on the hyperlocal ecommerce marketplace.
  6. Quick commerce apps make it easy for buyers to place order on the go and helps enterprise brands align with the growing buyer demand for instant gratification through online shopping.
  7.  Leveraging the hyperlocal on demand model enterprises can explore many partnership opportunities with local shops, stores, and vendors to establish a network of delivery points, expanding their reach and improving delivery efficiency. 
  8. Forecasts predict 10-15X growth in quick ecommerce markets giving brands an opportunity to grow steadily.
  9. By targeting smaller buyer segments in a given geolocation enterprises can experiment with a variety of marketing strategies to get higher marketing ROI.
  10. Selling to customers in given pockets of a city or country gives behavioral and buying pattern data to enterprises further helping with strategic data-driven growth.

With so many benefits and real life examples of successful quick commerce apps disrupting the market, opting for the new-age business model is a strategic choice that can help enterprise brands unlock new growth opportunities. However, to streamline the end-to-end business brands will need a powerful hyperlocal ecommerce solution like StoreHippothat offers plug-and-play solutions to build tailored quick commerce websites and apps for domestic as well as international markets.

What are the must have features in Quick Commerce Apps?

To build a successful hyperlocal business enterprise brands should build a q-commerce solution that makes it easy for their buyers to buy from them and set up an infrastructure that enables their brand’s admins and other stakeholders to run the business smoothly. 

Here are 10 must-have features in quick commerce apps to build a successful business:

  • A smooth and user friendly UI/UX to help buyers place orders from anywhere anytime
  • Ease of customizing the app quickly for promotions or local festivals and events
  • Multilingual support to connect better with buyers across diverse geolocations
  • Comprehensive vendor management solutions to manage vendor partners from different geolocations
  • Detailed product descriptions with clear product images to help buyers make informed choices
  • Advanced product and inventory management solutions to show real time stock status to buyers as well as admins and vendors
  • Multiple payment solutions along with a store wallet to enable frictionless  and convenient payments
  • Advanced delivery management solutions to streamline deliveries with real-time tracking
  • Customer admin where buyers can have complete details of their order, wallet balance, tracking etc.
  • Built-in customer support solutions in the quick commerce apps to ensure swift resolution of issues in real-time 
  • Built-in marketing tools to help run various promotional campaigns for quick commerce buyers
  • Advanced reporting and analytics tools so quick commerce companies can make data-driven growth strategies

To build a feature-rich and cutting-edge quick commerce app and website, enterprise brands should go with ecommerce solutions built-on mobile first principle. StoreHippo is built grounds up on the mobile first principles and comes with a built-in mobile apps builder. Enterprise businesses can build their apps without any coding or extra costs. Also, all sites built on StoreHippo can be converted into PWAs which look, feel and work like mobile apps even on slow internet connectivity.

Why is StoreHippo the Best Ecommerce Platform to build Quick Commerce Apps?

StoreHippo offers comprehensive built in solutions for efficient management of Q-commerce business. Built on decoupled headless platform, API-first architecture, microservices based cloud infrastructure, StoreHippo has everything to build innovative quick commerce apps. 

StoreHippo comes with 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ seamless integrations which enables enterprises to design out-of-box q-comemrce solutions. With StoreHippo inherent scalability and flexibility, Quick Commerce brands do not need to be concerned about rapid scalability as the platform supports high-performance even when the business scales to any number of products, dealers/vendors, locations etc.

StoreHippo also comes with an advanced product order and delivery management solutions with centralised control to manage multi-location orders from a common central admin. Also StoreHippo has 60+ pre integrated payment solutions and store wallet feature to ensure frictionless checkouts. StoreHippo also has 30+ pre integrated delivery partners and a delivery boy management solution. The built-in design tools and discount engine help in jazzing up the app and enable in implementing a variety of discounts and coupons. 

StoreHippo’s comprehensive native vendor management solutions enable quick commerce enterprises to manage everything easily. Right from vendor onboarding to managing vendor products, commissions and payments are streamlined. StoreHippo also comes with multi-store feature to create different location based substores and manage all of these stores from a common admin. The dealer-powered marketplace solutions with multi-store feature enables brands to leverage hyperlocal commerce and eliminates the need for setting up dark stores. Enterprises can leverage their vendors and distributors offline set up/warehouses as well as delivery boys to ensure faster q-commerce deliveries.

StoreHippo’s decoupled platform also makes it easy for brands to add new customer touchpoints and take the brand omnichannel. Enterprises can run the business on the go as StoreHippo comes with different mobile apps for customers, vendors and delivery boys. Also, using the multilingual solutions from StoreHippo enterprises can offer multilingual support in their quick commerce apps and website. 

The SEO-friendly StoreHippo platform comes with a gamut of marketing tools and a built in discount engine. The reporting engine gives detailed insights into various performance metrics. Quick commerce companies can also easily integrate their chosen marketing, analytics, ERP, accounting or other software to build their tailored ecosystem.

Ready to become the next successful Quick Commerce Company? Explore StoreHippo’s q-commerce solutions by booking your free demo right away.