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Product Reviews

What Are Product Reviews?

Product reviews are the feedback and ratings given by customers who have already used the product. This feedback is given to appreciate the product, share the customer’s personal experience, make others aware of issues if any with the product and to draw the attention of the seller of the product towards their product or services. Product reviews help other buyers make an informed decision based on the online customer reviews given by their peers. 

In recent years, product reviews have become a mandatory feature on ecommerce websites. Businesses have used it as a tool to build their brand reputation and connect better with their customers. Ecommerce product reviews typically let your customers understand how your brand and its product and services are distinct and better than the others. Customers ratings and reviews are an instrument of easy and unpaid marketing and brand building.

What Are The Most-Popular  Types Of Product Review 

Product reviews are an important tool in getting validation for your product and services. You get the maximum out of these reviews by experimenting with a mix and match of these reviews.

Here are the 8 most-popular product review types you can use on your online store

1. Visual Symbols

Visual symbols like stars, hearts, claps, thumbs up/down connect immediately with your prospective customers. By adding these on your ecommerce platform you can nudge your customers to notice and engage with your products.

2. Upvote

By adding upvotes you add a validation for your product and services or for the other reviews posted on your platform. Sometimes a customer might be reluctant to post a lengthy ecommerce product review but would willingly click on the upvote button to affirm what other users have already reviewed.  

3. Ratings

This type of review and rating system allows your customers to rate a product or service on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10. The ratings can be shown through a bar or line with different colors. It is also part of visual reviews and helps in grabbing user attention immediately.

4. User Generated Content

this is the oldest and most widely used product review format. You can use a product review software to automatically collect user comments on your products and manage it to filter out spam or unwanted content.

5. Videos

Videos are the in thing and you can ask your customers to upload their product videos as their feedback. This is the trendiest and most trusted product review format for future-ready online stores.

6. Images

Similar to videos you can also offer a feature of uploading images as product reviews. This also gives a visual proof of the quality of your products. 

7. Social Media Reviews

Social media platforms are where the majority of your customers are searching for new products and services. Offer rewards to your customers for adding product reviews on your brand’s social media pages. This will help prospective buyers choose your products with confidence.

8. Customer Stories/Testimonials

The age old and the most trusted product review format is customer story or testimonial. You need fewer testimonials than product reviews and ratings to convince your customers about the genuineness of your products and services.

Strategise your product review collection methods to use a mix of all the above types of customer feedback. All you need to do is choose a feature rich ecommerce platform like StoreHippo that offers the best product review software to implement and manage all the above customer feedback formats.

How To Use Product Reviews For Brand Building?

Adding reviews and ratings should be incorporated as an integral part of your marketing and customer relationship strategy. The more reviews you have the more are the chances of your product or services to be perceived as genuine. 

Following mentors can be used to gain customer reviews for your brand

  • The Happy Customer Effect

Connect with your customers as soon as they receive the product and are happy about their purchase decision. Ask them to share their feedback and ecommerce product reviews on your brand’s social pages as well as Google business page. Also, try to get testimonials from 

  • Negative Product Review, Positive Brand Image

95% of customers do not trust a brand or product if it has only positive reviews. On an average 1 out of every 5 customers would be unhappy with your products and services. Negative ecommerce product reviews can be turned into a positive brand image by addressing these grievances and engaging the customers to help them out with their issues.

  • The More The Merrier

Be proactive in gathering feedback and product reviews from your customers. Send them survey forms and automate your product reviews collection process using a product review software. The more people are talking about your brand or products the easier it is to convince other customers about the credibility and virtues of your products.

  • Improve Your Visibility And Trust

Customer product reviews enrich the content on your ecommerce website. This also includes positive signals in terms of context and long tail keywords added inadvertently while writing feedback for your product. Boost this with visual rating and review signals like adding stars or thumbs up sign. When your website appears in SERPs, the star sign or thumbs up sign in rich snippets helps in convincing your buyers that you are a name to reckon with. This immediately helps in engaging your customers and ultimately boosts conversions.

To implement these tried and trusted ways of brand building you would need a good product review software to automate the process on your online store. StoreHippo offers a comprehensive and easy to use product review management system for ecommerce websites. Using the review management software you can automate your brand building process by leveraging user generated content through customer feedback.

Benefits Of Using StoreHippo Product Reviews Management System?

StoreHippo the SaaS-based  top ecommerce platform offers you a host of customer engagement and brand building tools. The inbuilt product review software is an integral part of our offerings to help B2B and B2C ecommerce businesses collect and manage their customer feedback. 

With StoreHippo ecommerce product reviews software, brands can enable different formats of reviews and ratings on their product pages. After you get online customer reviews you have complete control to decide how to go forward with the feedback. You can decide to publish, delete or hide it for the time being. This helps you in removing spam comments or trolls whose intention is to malign your brand reputation.

StoreHippo’s product review software allows brands to perform a number of operations for better management of online customer reviews. You can not only unpublish or delete previous reviews but you can also search and export reviews in bulk when needed. StoreHippo also offers a host of marketing tools which can be used in combination with the product review software to build your brand identity.

All set to boost your brand image with product reviews? Check out StoreHippo top ecommerce platform’s product review software and other amazing features by starting your 14-day free trial now.