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ONDC Network App

What is ONDC Network App

ONDC Network App refers to seller side as well as buyer side interfaces which enable sellers and buyers respectively to leverage the ONDC network.

The Open Network for Digital Commerce protocol is a Government of India-backed initiative to democratise e-commerce and it is being touted as the UPI of e-commerce. It is a unified, non-discriminative, and decentralized platform where sellers and buyers can deal directly without the involvement of any third party. 

 There are separate ONDC network apps for sellers and buyers to access the ONDC network which are called the ONDC Network seller app and the ONDC Network buyer app respectively. 

The open network connects all the sellers to pan-India buyers irrespective of the ONDC Network seller app the merchants are using. 

Similarly, the buyers can use any ONDC Network app for buyers and discover products from any seller registered on the ONDC network. With ONDC Network buyer apps, customers can get everything they want in one place without having to install and use multiple apps for different product categories. 

How ONDC Network App is different from traditional e-commerce marketplaces

Traditional e-commerce marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc are platform-centric, which means buyers or sellers have to go to different apps for selling and buying on each of them. Platform-centric marketplaces charge huge commissions from sellers and have their own policies, terms and conditions for sellers. 

Limitations of traditional e-commerce Marketplaces

Let's see all the limitations of traditional e-commerce marketplaces and how ONDC Network eliminates them.

Limitations for sellers

  • Charge 25-35% of the total cost as commission 
  • Limited customer data access to sellers
  • Impose their own set of rules and policies on sellers
  • Biased algorithms for product visibility, search rankings, and promotional opportunities
  • Intense competition makes it difficult for individual sellers to stand out
  • Lack of direct customer relationships

Limitations for buyers

  • Buyers have to search on different apps/websites for different products
  • High commissions inflate costs as sellers pass the burden to buyers
  • No option to connect directly with the sellers

ONDC Network App overcomes all these issues and gives users a hassle-free selling and buying experience. Mystore the ONDC Network-connected marketplace, powered by StoreHippo provides both seller-side and buyer-side interfaces to make it easy for both sellers and buyers to leverage the ONDC network in the most efficient way. 

Mystore Buyer app empowers buyers to find a wide range of products on a single platform while the Mystore Seller App provides sellers with a feature-rich interface to enhance their selling experience. Both buyers and sellers planning to leverage the ONDC network can use Mystore’s advanced and feature-rich buyer-side interface or the seller-side interface. 

Why should Indian sellers switch to the ONDC Network App

ONDC Network seller app refers to the seller-side interface of the open network. It enables sellers of every size and scale to do business on a level playing field. ONDC Network provides equal opportunity and space to each and every seller to do business and grow their business. 

Indian sellers should switch to the ONDC network  due to the following reasons:

  • Joining ONDC Network is easy - Even novice sellers can easily register and start selling on the network
  • Low or minimal upfront cost - Upfront cost is low or zero depending on which seller app the seller uses. For instance - Mystore seller app does not charge any upfront cost.
  • Less commissions - ONDC Network charges only a fraction of commission compared to traditional e-commerce platforms, reducing the financial burden on sellers.
  • Wider reach- Easy to reach millions of buyers across the country.
  • Not bound to any set of rules and policies - Sellers can do business on their own terms, set their own prices and offers, boost revenue
  • Access to customer data- Sellers get access to their client data which helps in making strategic decisions. 
  • Easy access to superlative tech solutions- Multiple tech solution network participants are offering world-class solutions to sell online.
  • On-network logistic partners-  give multiple discounted delivery options
  • Reputation portability- Transferable reputation even if the seller decides to switch from one seller app to another.

Indian sellers can register and sell on the ONDC network using the advanced Mystore seller app.

Mystore not only makes selling on the ONDC Network easy by onboarding sellers at zero upfront cost but also offers out-of-the-box features such as top-notch tech solutions for SMEs as well as enterprise brands,  unique QR codes for each seller, multilingual admin panel, choice to use on-network logistic as well as off-network logistics partners, secure payment channels and more to help sellers grow their businesses online.

How can buyers benefit from the ONDC Network App

ONDC Network eliminates all the challenges faced by buyers while shopping online from traditional e-commerce marketplaces. Let us explore the reasons why buyers should shift to the ONDC Network.

The benefits of the ONDC Network app for buyers are as follows: 

  • Offers a diverse range of products (groceries, dairy products, fashion, electronics, food etc) on a single platform
  • Freedom to buy products directly from sellers across the country
  • Get competitive pricing on products from different sellers
  • Avail faster delivery from hyper-local sellers
  • Omnichannel buying experience

Buyers can get the most out of the ONDC network using Mystore Buyer app.  Mystore's ONDC Network buyer app offers advanced and unique features to buyers, including

  • User-friendly interface to enable buyers to easily navigate and make orders without any confusion.
  • Multilingual support enables buyers from diverse linguistic backgrounds to access and use the app in their preferred language.
  • Multi-seller cart using which buyers can conveniently order products from different sellers in a single transaction.
  • Frictionless payment options make it effortless for buyers to complete transactions in their preferred mode including card, net banking, e-wallets, etc. 
  • Inbuilt order tracking feature enables buyers to easily monitor their order status, providing transparency and peace of mind throughout the delivery process.
  • Unique QR code for each seller fostering trust between buyers and sellers while facilitating swift and accurate transactions.

Built on StoreHippo, Mystore helps buyers to buy from Pan India sellers in an easy and convenient way with its Mystore Buyer App.

How is StoreHippo helping sellers and buyers leverage the ONDC app

StoreHippo is the most flexible and feature-rich e-commerce platform that empowers businesses to create and manage their online stores with ease and efficiency. Using its inherent features and expertise StoreHippo built both buyer and seller-side apps for the ONDC Network.

Using its advanced tech stack and MACH architecture, StoreHippo powered Mystore-The ONDC Network connected marketplace that enables sellers to showcase a wide variety of products and manage their businesses seamlessly via the Mystore seller app.

With expertise in handling a wide variety of D2C, enterprise, and B2B businesses, StoreHippo was able to build enterprise-level solutions even for SMEs planning to sell online via ONDC Network.

With its Buyer App for ONDC Network Mystore offers an engaging and memorable buying experience for buyers planning to explore the goodness of the open network. Mystore is a StoreHippo initiative to make e-commerce accessible to buyers and sellers through the open network.

Mystore’s inherent features and cutting-edge technology powered by StoreHippo help it to stand out as a superior solution for sellers planning to join the biggest e-commerce revolution in India. Mystore offers scalability, security, and easy adaptation to changing market demands, making it the perfect choice for thriving in the open e-commerce landscape.

Ready to explore the ONDC Network App?  Begin your ONDC Network journey with Mystore's seller and buyer apps. Start selling right away with Mystore’s ONDC Network app for sellers